To travel with peace of mind,
you are strongly encouraged
to have private medical insurance*
with adequate coverage.

Private medical insurance* can be purchased before your trip or when you arrive in Japan.
Please be prepared just in case of any injuries or illnesses that may occur during your trip.

*Including travel insurance that covers medical
expenses during your stay.

There is travel insurance that you can purchase even after you enter Japan.

Private medical insurance that you can purchase after entering Japan provides sufficient coverage during your stay, even for COVID-19.

  • Coverage of up to 10 million yen that even covers expensive treatment
  • Includes interpretation services as well as medical institution referral and arrangement services
  • Coverage for COVID-19
  • Negotiation of cashless payment* for medical expenses, etc.

*A system that allows short-term visitors, etc. to seek medical care without having to pay the bill on-site by sending the bill to an insurance company (including assistant companies to which services are outsourced) instead of billing the short-stay visitor, etc. directly.

Private medical insurance can be purchased instantly online. Enjoy your trip to Japan to the fullest by purchasing insurance with sufficient coverage and services.

*Cannot be accessed before entering Japan.


There are cases in which medical expenses during a trip to Japan can add up to a high amount.

Collision with a bicycle resulting in traumatic pneumothorax and fractured ribs

Surgery + Hospitalization + Transport
7.5 million yen

Surgery, 19-day hospital stay, attending physician,flight back to the US on civilian aircraft (business class)

Heart attack

Surgery + Hospitalization + Transport
10,000,000 yen

Surgery, 45-day hospital stay, attending physician, flight back to Singapore on civilian aircraft (business class)

*Source: Tokio Marine International Assistance

Please be aware that foreign visitors who fail to pay their medical expenses may be denied entry into Japan in the future.

Don’t forget to buy travel insurance! (30 sec.)