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Message from the Publisher

Enjoy a Visit to Japan in Autumn

Photo: President Mamiya

Dear Friends,

Japan is reputed for special beauty in autumn. The skies are clear and bright, freshly fallen snow caps the mountains, and the foliage in the forests and the cities turns to red and gold.

What more can a visitor ask for than to gaze upon the fiery colors of autumn from an open-air bath and enjoy the glories of nature. Surely there’s no greater pleasure than relaxing in a warm bath, breathing the refreshing fall air and chatting with family or travel companions.

Autumn is also the best time to enjoy Japanese cuisine, already popular among overseas visitors. Be sure to also try apples, Japanese pears and other fruits of the season, not to mention mouth-watering sweets.

Haneda Airport’s international terminal will open on October 21, making travel to Japan more convenient than ever. We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to visit Japan, and we look forward to warmly welcoming you.

Tadatoshi Mamiya, President
Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)