January Issue

Photo: What's New
  • What’s New
  • Special Winter Attractions in Kyoto
  • The stillness of the city in the clear, cold air makes winter a time when Kyoto takes on a very special atmosphere. "Kyoto Winter Special" campaign is a seasonal event organized to introduce visitors to the charms of winter in Kyoto. read more
Photo: Trends in Focus
  • Trends in Focus
  • Winter Trips in Japan
    —Special Winter-only Enjoyments
  • Winter in Japan runs from around December to February. And that’s the time of year when there are all kinds of cold-weather special events in many parts of Japan. If you’re traveling in Japan at this time of year, forget about the cold and simply enjoy yourself. read more
Photo: Japan Insight
  • Japan Insight
  • Hands-on Amusements to Enjoy with Children,
    from Cutting-edge to Retro
  • For some people traveling to Japan, the main attractions are Mount Fuji, sushi and tradition-rich shrines and temples, while for others it’s shopping for the latest home electronics or fashions. But if you visit Japan with your family, you’ll miss out if that’s all you do, because there are plenty of attractions and amusements that are enjoyable for adults and children alike. read more
Photo: Cool Japan
  • Cool Japan
  • Engrossing Science Toys for Big and Little Kids
  • Gadgets and toys bringing science closer to everyday experience are popular right now. The museum shop at the Science Museum in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward is stocked full of goods that will engross big and little kids alike. read more