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Not to Miss!! Smart and Handy Stationery Items

Photo: Frixion Ball/Mirikeshi/Harinacs

If you’re going to buy a souvenir of your trip to Japan, wouldn’t you like something that serves a practical purpose rather than being merely decorative? Tokyu Hands, a retailer that sells an eclectic and wide-ranging mix of merchandise, is popular with visitors who want to acquire something offbeat. Several unusual but convenient stationery items are popular sellers at Tokyu Hands’ Shinjuku Store.

Frixion Ball (Pilot, 210 yen) is an erasable ballpoint pen. Who hasn’t ever wished that a mistake made when writing with a ballpoint pen could be erased? Well, with Frixion Ball, you can. Rubbing out the mistake with the rubber end on the pen’s cap creates friction that will erase the writing. Frixion Ball is available in a wide range of colors in addition to standard black and red.

Or, how about the Mirikeshi star-shaped eraser (Kokuyo, 189 yen)? This eraser is unusual not just for its looks but because each of the star’s points has a different thickness, which comes in handy for pinpoint erasure of just one word or line. A handy item to have, whether you’re writing a paragraph or drawing in pencil.

The Harinacs (Kokuyo, 1,155 yen), a stapler that uses no staples, holds papers together by cutting and folding back small flaps in the paper. Although it doesn’t attach papers together as solidly as a conventional stapler does, Harinacs is eco-friendly because it doesn’t require staples, and it’s safe for children to use too.

These products are available at Tokyu Hands and major stationery retailers.

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