December Issue

Photo: What's New
  • What’s New
  • Extended Shinkansen Line Brings Aomori Closer
  • For travel within Japan, railways are the most convenient form of transportation. And when you visit Japan, be sure to try out the Shinkansen high-speed rail network, which incorporates Japan’s leading-edge railroad technology. read more
Photo: Trends in Focus
  • Trends in Focus
  • New Year in Japan
    —a Solemn Yet Colorful Time of Year
  • Many traditional customs are observed at the beginning of the new year in Japan. For example, entrances to homes and shops are decorated with the pine and bamboo kadomatsu decoration or shimenawa braided straw ropes, a custom with its roots in the Shinto religion. read more
Photo: Japan Insight
  • Japan Insight
  • Shoppers’ Paradise: Something for Everyone
  • Shopping is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable things about a trip to Japan. The best-known shopping experiences are shopping for brand-name articles in Tokyo’s Ginza or electronics in Akihabara. But there are many other kinds of really cool places or stores to shop at... read more
Photo: Cool Japan
  • Cool Japan
  • Sushi for Souvenirs?
  • Think of Japanese cuisine and sushi is likely to be the first thing that comes to mind. But wouldn’t you be surprised if someone told you that you can take sushi home as a souvenir? read more