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Special deals and events in Japan

  Description Prefecture(Area)/Category
21th Triathlon National Championships
PHOTO COURTESY : Satoshi Takasaki/JTU
2015/10/11 - [Autumn]
Tokyo (Kanto)
Sports Events
Tsuchiura All Japan Fireworks Competition

2015/10/3 - [Autumn]
Ibaraki (Kanto)
Others (Events Calendar)
National Cultural Festival

2015/10/31 - 2015/11/15 [Autumn]
Kagoshima (Kyushu/Okinawa)
Art Festival
OSAKA Hikari Renaissance

2015/11/29 - 2016/1/17 [Autumn]
Osaka (Kansai)
Others (Events Calendar)
November Grand Tournament
2015/11/8 - 2015/11/22 [Autumn]
Fukuoka (Kyushu/Okinawa)
Sports Events
Takigi O-Noh (Bonfire Noh performance), Kyoto
A graceful musical theater performed at night in a symbolic shrine of Kyoto
June 1st - June 2nd [Autumn]
Kyoto (Kansai)
Annual Events
Karatsu Kunchi Festival
Huge hikiyama floats are artistic masterpieces of Japan's wonderful festival culture
November 2nd - November 4th [Autumn]
Saga (Kyushu/Okinawa)
Annual Events
Hakone Daimyo Gyoretsu
The festival shouts of 'Down! Down! The Lord comes!' echoing in the hot spring town under the autumn sky
November 3rd - [Autumn]
Kanagawa (Kanto)
Annual Events
Ikegami Honmonji O-Eshiki
Over 300,000 worshippers at Buddhist memorial service commemorating the anniversary of High Priest Nichiren's death.
October 11th - October 13th [Autumn]
Tokyo (Kanto)
Annual Events
Nada no Kenka Matsuri
Portable shrines fiercely jolted against one another produce breathtaking scenes befitting a 'Fighting Festival'
October 14th - October 15th [Autumn]
Hyogo (Kansai)
Annual Events
Shuki Taisai Grand Autumn Festival
Enjoy the autumn in Nikko, the gateway to the Tohoku District, while gazing at the samurai procession
October 17th - [Autumn]
Tochigi (Kanto)
Annual Events
Kurama no Hi-Matsuri
The evening sky becomes ablaze with the flames of huge watch fires and 250 pine torches
October 22nd - [Autumn]
Kyoto (Kansai)
Annual Events
Jidai Matsuri
A grand ancient-costume procession where the long history of Japan unfolds before the spectators
October 22nd - [Autumn]
Kyoto (Kansai)
Annual Events
Nagasaki Kunchi Festival
A festival rich in cosmopolitan atmosphere befitting a city which has prospered through trade.
October 7th - October 9th [Autumn]
Nagasaki (Kyushu/Okinawa)
Annual Events
Takayama Matsuri Autumn Festival
The gaze of the spectators becomes riveted on the gorgeous motifs of the yatai floats.
October 9th - October 10th [Autumn]
Gifu (Chubu)
Annual Events
Yabusame, a Shinto ritual of shooting arrows on horseback, is famous worldwide.
September 14th - September 16th [Autumn]
Kanagawa (Kanto)
Annual Events
Owara Kaze-no-Bon Festival
A festival praying for protection against wind damage and for an abundant autumn harvest.
September 1st - September 3rd [Autumn]
Toyama (Chubu)
Annual Events
A fair passed down since the Edo Period, thriving with people praying for good business
The days of the Tori or Rooster in November - [Autumn]
Tokyo (Kanto)
Annual Events