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Special deals and events in Japan

  Description Prefecture(Area)/Category
Otaue Rice Planting Festival
An ancient event praying for a rich rice harvest with merry dancing and songs
2014/6/14 - [Summer]
Osaka (Kansai)
Annual Events
Gion Matsuri
Gorgeous floats, sometimes called 'mobile art museums,' parade down the main streets of Kyoto
2014/7/1 - 2014/7/29 [Summer]
Kyoto (Kansai)
Annual Events
Huge pine torches weighing 50 kg are waved about in front of the great sacred falls in the mountains
2014/7/14 - [Summer]
Wakayama (Kansai)
Annual Events
Tenjin Matsuri
Come and experience the spirit of people born and bred in Osaka, maintaining traditions of 1,000 years ago.
2014/7/24 - 2014/7/25 [Summer]
Osaka (Kansai)
Annual Events
Daimonji Gozan Okuribi
Spectacular okuribi bonfires on five Kyoto mountains signaling the end of summer.
2014/8/16 - [Summer]
Kyoto (Kansai)
Annual Events
Kobe Bay Firework Display

2014/8/2 - [Summer]
Hyogo (Kansai)
Others (Events Calendar)
Lake Biwa Firework Display
PHOTO COURTESY : Biwako Visitors Bureau
2014/8/8 - [Summer]
Shiga (Kansai)
Others (Events Calendar)