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Special deals and events in Japan

  Description Prefecture(Area)/Category
Firefly Watching
Around Tanukiko Lake situated right in front of Kyukamura FUJI, there is a good tourist spot where Genji fireflies and Heike fireflies can be watched.
2015/6/15 - 2015/7/10 [Summer]
Shizuoka (Chubu)
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Gion Matsuri
Gorgeous floats, sometimes called 'mobile art museums,' parade down the main streets of Kyoto
2015/7/1 - 2015/7/31 [Summer]
Kyoto (Kansai)
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Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival
A resplendent and gallant summer festival with men racing through the streets while bearing 1-ton floats on their shoulders
2015/7/1 - 2015/7/15 [Summer]
Fukuoka (Kyushu/Okinawa)
Annual Events
July Grand Tournament
2015/7/12 - 2015/7/26 [Summer]
Aichi (Chubu)
Sports Events
Huge pine torches weighing 50 kg are waved about in front of the great sacred falls in the mountains
2015/7/14 - 2015/7/14 [Summer]
Wakayama (Kansai)
Annual Events
Warei Taisai Festival & Uwajima Ushi-Oni Matsuri
Youths carry portable shrines in the river waters at night and monster-shaped floats parade through the town streets
2015/7/22 - 2015/7/24 [Summer]
Ehime (Chugoku/Shikoku)
Annual Events
Tenjin Matsuri
Come and experience the spirit of people born and bred in Osaka, maintaining traditions of 1,000 years ago.
2015/7/24 - 2015/7/25 [Summer]
Osaka (Kansai)
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Fuji Rock Festival

2015/7/24 - 2015/7/26 [Summer]
Niigata (Chubu)
Music Events
A 1,000-year-old traditional festival which introduces the code of the samurai of the Warring States Period to the present day.
2015/7/25 - 2015/7/27 [Summer]
Fukushima (Tohoku)
Annual Events
Sumidagawa Hanabi Taikai
The evening sky of oldtown Tokyo is brightly colored with several tens of thousands of fireworks.
2015/7/25 - 2015/7/25 [Summer]
Tokyo (Kanto)
Annual Events
Sapporo City Jazz is one of the biggest Japanese Jazz festivals in summer. It attracts a lot of Japanese and visitors from all over the world.
2015/7/9 - 2015/8/29 [Summer]
Hokkaido (Hokkaido)
Music Events
Sapporo Summer Festival
Attracting more than a million visitors to its cavernous beer garden in Odori Park. Bon Odori dance, antique fair, shopping street;, the Susukino Festival, and numerous other events are held together.
End of July - End of August [Summer]
Hokkaido (Hokkaido)
Annual Events
Miyajima Kangensai Festival
Medieval nobles' style of entertainment reproduced at Itsukushima Shrine, which is one of the three scenic beauties of Japan.
Late July (June 17th according to the lunar calendar) - Early August [Summer]
Hiroshima (Chugoku/Shikoku)
Annual Events
Gujo Odori Dance Performance
Tourists and local people all dance merrily together in one big circle.
Mid July - Early September [Summer]
Gifu (Chubu)
Annual Events
Ocean Expo Park Summer Festival

Mid July - [Summer]
Okinawa (Kyushu/Okinawa)
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