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Special deals and events in Japan

  Description Prefecture(Area)/Category
Kamakura Festival
At the shrine which serves as a symbol of Kamakura, the samurai society of the Medieval Period is revived.
2015/4/12 - 2015/4/20 [Spring]
Kanagawa (Kanto)
Annual Events
Yayoi Festival
A parade of beautiful floats respecting ancient traditions at a shrine registered as a World Heritage Site.
2015/4/13 - 2015/4/17 [Spring]
Tochigi (Kanto)
Annual Events
Takayama Festival
Splendid parades and artisanship of the 15th Century are revived today.
2015/4/14 - 2015/4/15 [Spring]
Gifu (Chubu)
Annual Events
Fuji Shibazakura Festival

2015/4/18 - 2015/5/31 [Spring]
Yamanashi (Chubu)
Others (Events Calendar)
Mashiko Pottery Fair
PHOTO COURTESY : Mashiko Town Tourist Association
2015/4/29 - 2015/5/6 [Spring]
Tochigi (Kanto)
Others (Events Calendar)

2015/4/5 - [Spring]
Chiba (Kanto)
Sports Events