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Special deals and events in Japan

  Description Prefecture(Area)/Category
Sensational Emotional Dramatical Original non-verbal performance from Kyoto. Photo by Yoshikazu Inoue Illustration by Yamada Akihiro
Kyoto (Kansai)
Others (Events Calendar)
Huis Ten Bosch Kingdom of Light

2014/10/31 - 2015/4/13
Nagasaki (Kyushu/Okinawa)
Others (Events Calendar)
Marunouchi Illumination 2014

2014/11/13 - 2015/2/15 [Winter]
Tokyo (Kanto)
Others (Events Calendar)
"Namba Hikaritabi" illumination

2014/11/8 - 2015/2/15 [Winter]
Osaka (Kyoto/Osaka)
Others (Events Calendar)