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Special deals and events in Japan

  Description Prefecture(Area)/Category
"Namba Hikaritabi" illumination

2013/11/15 - 2014/2/16 [Winter]
Osaka (Kyoto/Osaka)
Others (Events Calendar)

2013/12/1 - 2014/2/28 [Winter]
Shopping Facilities
January Grand Tournament
2014/1/12 - 2014/1/26 [Winter]
Tokyo (Tokyo and vicinity)
Sports Events
A contest to become the first to reach the sacred mountain, carrying bonden for the gods to descend.
2014/1/17 - 2014/1/17 [Winter]
Akita (Tohoku)
Annual Events
Hakone Ekiden
Tokyo-Hakone Round-Trip College Ekiden Race
2014/1/2 - 2014/1/3 [Winter]
Kanagawa (Kanto)
Sports Events
An entire hill is set ablaze in winter. A New Year event which originated in boundary disputes among temples.
2014/1/25 - [Winter]
Nara (Kansai)
Annual Events
Half-naked men scramble for a lucky 8-kg ball in a shower of cold water
2014/1/3 - [Winter]
Fukuoka (Kyushu/Okinawa)
Annual Events
Nagasaki Lantern Festival 2014
PHOTO COURTESY : Nagasaki Kanko Renmei
2014/1/31 - 2014/2/14 [Winter]
Nagasaki (Kyushu/Okinawa)
Annual Events
Warning people of the dangers of fire through acrobatic stunts on top of ladders.
2014/1/6 - [Winter]
Tokyo (Kanto)
Annual Events
A year of happiness secured by a golden bird. A wooden bird bringing good luck by turning last year's lies into this year's truths.
2014/1/7 - [Winter]
Fukuoka (Kyushu/Okinawa)
Annual Events
Toka Ebisu
Buy a good luck bamboo branch and pray to Ebisu, the patron deity of commerce for success in business.
2014/1/9 - 2014/1/11 [Winter]
Osaka (Kansai)
Annual Events
Marunouchi Illumination 2014

2014/11/13 - 2015/2/15 [Winter]
Tokyo (Kanto)
Others (Events Calendar)
Toh-shiya (Archery Contest)
Come and experience the spirit of Japanese archery.
A contest of archers firing arrows at targets 60 meters away
 The Sunday closest to January 15th - [Winter]
Kyoto (Kansai)
Annual Events