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Let’s go traveling in Kyushu

Nanatsuboshi (Seven Stars) in Kyushu

This cruise train is named Nanatsuboshi (Seven Stars) because it express the 7 prefectures in Kyushu, 7sightseeing things; natures, food, hot springs, historical culture, power spot, humanity and train, and has 7 cars as well. Woods and Fabrics were used for interior inside a car and there are a bar counter, comfortable sofas with seeing Piano Live Performance. This is the sophisticated space of mixture between Japanese and western style, and between new and old style. Let’s enjoy the trip with this wonderful new train which never has before. It will be available from 15th Oct, 2013, don’t miss it!

Nanatsuboshi (Seven Star )in Kyushu HP (English)

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SL Hitoyoshi(Steam Locomotive Hitoyoshi)

It’s very popular scenic train. People can see beautiful scenes from train window and feel the beat, smells, whistle of this train.

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The limited express ASOBOY!

There are panorama windows to see beautiful scene of Aso, comfortable family seats and kid’s space inside in the train. The mascot“Kuro chan”will welcome you when getting on the train!

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The limited express UMISACHI YAMASACHI

People are satisfied the ride of this train pass trough beautiful mountains and near the ocean in Miyazaki. We can feel relax with interiors making of wood, inside train.

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The limited express IBUSUKI NO TAMATEBAKO

The theme of this train comes from the folklore; ‘Ryugu’ related the god of sea in Satsuma area. The smoke entrance, which describes the story of ‘Ryugu’ entertains people when getting in train. Enjoy time for entertainment and for beautiful scene from the train.

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Harmony land

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Catholic Church in Nagasaki

Nakamachi Church
Filipino Saint, Saint Lorenzo Ruiz was honored. The monument was raised in Aug, 1988. The Memorial Mass for martyrs is said on the 4th Sunday of Sep, every year.
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Oura Tenshudo (Oura Church)
This is the oldest existing church architecture which is designed by National Treasure. It was constructed for 26 martyrs were executed at Nishizaka no Oka by Fathers Louis Furet and Bernard Petit jean inside foreign settlement. It is very famous as the place of Historical Tragedy.

<Candidate for World Heritage>

Churches and Christian related sites in Nagasaki were registered in Tentative list for World Heritage nomination in 2007. The town promotes aggressively to register as World Heritage site. It was judged as recommended candidates for WHO, by Council for Culture Affairs.

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Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization

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News & Topics

Hospitable japanease-style beaty salons

It feels good to become beautiful!

The beauty salons that are essential to stylish Japanese women focus on nails, hair and eyelashes. Customers are satisfied with the fine skills on show, as well as the scrupulous consideration and services provided, which are connected to Japan's unique culture of hospitality. Here, we will introduce some of Japan's unique salon services.

Enjoy fine designs:The world of nail art

Nail art is not just about applying single colors to nails, but rather it is a fashion where women can enjoy applying multicolored varnishes, lame and jewels to their nails. This fashion has been incredibly popular in Japan for around the past 15 years, having initially been promoted by popular celebrities, and nail art professionals referred to as “nail artists” have appeared as the number of salons has rapidly increased. Miss Takano from “TAT”, a wholesaler that deals in nail items geared towards professionals, explains: “Enjoyment of this kind of fine art seems to be unique to Asian women, including Japanese women. In Europe and America, most people still tend to go for single-color nail varnishes.”

“In terms of nail art, Japan is an advanced nation. The fine details of the art are at a very high level, and there are many people possessing skills like artisans. Nail artists even visit from overseas to study Japanese techniques. Compared with those in other countries, Japanese salons have particularly detailed customer reception and services. It's not just about choosing a high level of design. The salons also carefully groom customers' hands and nails, and some salons will even do eyelash extensions at the same time and give herb teas to their customers. Hospitality is another secret behind the popularity of nail treatment in Japan.”

Complete guide to Japanese convenience stores

You can do a surprising number of things at Japan's convenience stores!

Convenience stores are everywhere in Japan. While they are often used for quick shopping or to buy things late at night, Japan's convenience stores actually have many other handy uses! Make your travel in Japan comfortable by checking out this complete guide to convenience stores.

It’s easy to book and receive tickets at Japanese convenience store.

Copy machines can be found at many of Japan's convenience stores. However, these are not mere photocopiers. As well as copying, scanning and fax functions, these extremely handy machines can also be used to print out photos from digital cameras and documents, and can even be used to purchase various kinds of tickets.

For example, the “Multi Copy Machines” found at Seven-Eleven (which has the most convenience stores in Japan) provide a service called “Seven Ticket”, which sells tickets for concerts, sports, movies and various types of events, and the machines can also be used to buy tickets provided by “Ticket Pia”, which is a major ticket sales service. Tickets for theme parks and highway buses are also easy to purchase. The control screen can even be displayed in other languages (English and Chinese), making it simple to arrange your travel plans at the convenience store.

Tickets can be paid for in-store right away, as the machines print out payment slips. Alternatively, you can visit any Seven-Eleven or other convenience store to pick up “Ticket Pia” tickets that you have bought in advance online. If you are unsure about how to use the machines, just ask the store staff for help and they will kindly assist and show you what to do.

*Some convenience store chains have separate machines for ticket purchases and for copying, etc.

SEVEN BANK(International Money Transfer Service) 
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Airports in Japan

Fukuoka Airport

Fukuoka Airport located near the city, is very easy to access so that it is known as one of the great convenience airport. It takes only 6 minutes from Hakata station, and 11 minutes from Tenjin Station to the Airport. We can also go to the ramp of Fukuoka Expressway and the Dazaifu interchange of Kyushu Expressway less than 20 minutes! The flight between Manila and Fukuoka has 5 times a week.

Fukuoka Open Top Bus

This blue and red open top Double Decker bus is the best way to see around famous sight-seeing place, sea side area, and famous cities; such as Tenjin and Hakata in Fukuoka within one hour! The famous models and personalities in Fukuoka introduced the recommended place and attraction for this city in audio duidance.

Seaside Momochi Course(English): Visit Website

Hakata Machinaka course(English): Visit Website

Fukuoka sparkling night view course(English): Visit Website

Reasonable Pass Info

JR Kyushu Pass: Visit Website

Nishitetsu Line ; 1 Day Pass for Nishitetsu Bus: Visit Website

SUNQ Pass: Visit Website

JR West Wi-Fi

For foreign people visiting in Japan, Free-Wi-fi Service

【Available Stations (11stations)】

  • Sanyo Sinkansen : Shin-Kobe,Okayama, Hiroshima, Kokura, Hakata
  • Local Train : Kyoto, Shin-Osaka, Osaka, Tenno-ji, Kansai Airport, Sannomiya

【Where service offer inside station】

  • Near the Exit (not at Exit for transfer)
  • Waiting room in concourse (including waiting space) etc.

【The detail】

  • Get a guest code before people come to Japan in advance.
  • Select the SSID ‘JR-WEST_FREE_Wi-Fi’ and enter the guest code on login screen
    (4 languages available; English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese)!

Notable Events & Festivals

Nagasaki Kunchi
Nagasaki Kunchi is the festival for Suwa Shrine in Nagasaki. It is held from 7th to 9th of October. It is one of important Intangible Folk Cultural Properties of Japan.

SAGA International Balloon Fiesta

This balloon festival is held in Saga city, mainly along Kase River, from 30th Oct 2013 to 5th Nov 2013. The number of balloons are biggest compared to other festival in Asia. Around 70 to 80 balloons participate from more than 10 foreign countries.

Takachiho Kagura
Kagura; which is the traditional dance called dedicated to God, is very famous as historical ritual all over Japan. There are some kinds of dance that are related to people’s indigenous faith; Shinto. One of the Kagura performance is held in Takachiho located in Kyushu. You can also see the Yokogura (Night Kagura), as well, that means it is time to feel real Japanese spirit! 8pm to 9 pm everyday(reception at 7pm )

Events in Philippines

Exhibition 「I Love Kusama」

Date: 16 July to 1 Sep

Organizers: Ayala Museum、The Japan Foundation, Manila(cooperation)

The Venue: Ayala Museum

Enjoy More!

The facility for long-stay

Sakura House

Sakura house has offered reasonable monthly apartments, guest houses for foreign visitors since 1992. It is located mainly Tokyo, Saitama, and Kanagawa. They have 170 apartments or houses, and 1700 room including furniture, appliances, and internet connections. The fee of water and electricity is also included in the rental fee, so that you can stay there any time when you arrive in Japan.

Japan Experience

Japan Experience offers house rentals, which gives travelers the opportunity to live in Japanese style in a traditional house. This affordable option is ideal for families and allows travelers to feel at home in the heart of Kyoto or Tokyo, in typical neighborhoods. Launched in 2007, House rentals were an immediate success: to date, around 5,000 people have tried and loved this service.

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