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Tokyo Disney Resort 30th Anniversary Celebration

Tokyo Disney Resort 30th Anniversary Celebration: The Happiness Year Started on April 15!

Concept Image ©Disney

Concept Image ©Disney

“Tokyo Disney Resort 30th: The Happiness Year” began on April 15, 2013 and will continue until March 20, 2014 to mark this milestone for the resort.
During the 340 days of celebration, the Disney characters, the cast members and all guests visiting the Resort is able to share a whole new level of happiness. Guests can find new entertainment, a new Tokyo Disneyland attraction, commemorative merchandise, special menus, delightful decorations and more.

“The Happiness Year” on April 15 kicked off with the new Tokyo Disneyland daytime parade, “Happiness Is Here”. The Disney characters show various types of happiness in this colorful, exhilarating parade that is 500 meters long. All the Guests are sure to have smiles on their smiles on their faces as they watch the spectacular new parade.

Last May 7 at Tokyo Disneyland, the new attraction Star Tours: The Adventure Continue debuted. With 3D visual and more than 50 different story combinations, the attraction offers guests new experiences and unexpected thrills each time they ride.

Decorations at the two Parks and other locations around the Resort feature the motif of colorful Happiness Balloons. Guests can find special merchandise with balloon motifs and special menus with tasty dishes that delight the eye. The three Disney Hotels serve a variety of lavish menus, while Tokyo Disneyland Hotel offers room amenities designed just for the anniversary. And Happiness Balloons are also decorated on one of the monorail trains of the Disney Resort Line. Guests are able to enjoy the happiness of this milestone year wherever they go in the Resort.

Summer Special Events
“Disney Natsu Matsuri” at Tokyo Disneyland and “Disney Summer Festival” at Tokyo DisneySea
July 8- September 2, 2013

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Hotel Information

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News & Topics

Family Trip Guide

Let’s visit a famous chocolate factory that’s popular for souvenirs! Shiroi Koibito Park (Sapporo City, Hokkaido)

Perhaps many of you have heard about the chocolate cookies Shiroi Koibito from Hokkaido that is really popular as a Japanese souvenir. In this article, we’ll introduce to you the popular Shiroi Koibito Park, where you can actually see how they make these famous sweets.

At the cookie craft studio, one can put on the chef’s hat just like a real patisserie and try a hand at the “My Shiroi Koibito experience”, where one can make his own giant heart shaped Shiroi Koibito cookie.
Another activity is the “Painting cookie experience”, where one can decorate his own cookie in the shape of Hokkaido. Having the finished product in your hand, and being able to say you made it yourself is surely an unforgettable experience for kids. (Workshop fee:From 1050 yen. Reservations are possible (until the day before))

In addition, there is a big shop that sells chocolate drinks, Shiroi Koibito soft serve ice creams and sweets that you can also enjoy choosing from. Inside there is also a recommended specialty shop called the “Candy Lab” that does candy art. The artistic candy made with various layers of colors, fruits and lettering is a great choice for a souvenir. The candy artisans also conduct performances, so don’t miss it out!

Japanese Toilet

This is great! What is the Japanese product that is marveled at by foreign visitors?

What are the things that foreigners coming to Japan are most surprised or thrilled about? Over 150 foreigners were surveyed by a Japanese broadcasting station. The answers that ranked high were: Bullet train, Cherry-blossom viewing, Bon-odori dance festival, Capsule hotel, Onigiri rice ball, Fake food sample, Fireworks and100-yen shop. They all are unique to Japan. But the number one answer was Toilet! How come “toilet" was the number one answer beating even the Japanese popular culture like J-POP and anime or Japanese food like sushi? The reason is the multifunctional bidet toilet seat.
By pressing a button, a nozzle comes out automatically for washing and gushes out water at a comfortable temperature. Many foreigners marvel at the refreshed feeling they get from this uniquely Japanese idea.

The buttons also give options depending on the user’s needs and whim. One can wash and clean by pressing the wash button or adjust the water pressure as he like. One can also stop washing by pressing the stop button. The nozzle puts itself back in place once done as it cleans itself. Other options are wipe up with toilet paper and flush the toilet.
The features vary depending on the model. Other features you may find are: high-power deodorizer, nozzle position control, massage option, device to make sound of flushing water, blow dryer, automatic flushing, automatic lid opening/closing etc. Take a close look at the toilet.

Is it a toilet? But it is not just a toilet.

In Japan, bidet toilet seat are commonly found at sightseeing attractions, hotels, department stores, airports and so on. You will find many types of unique bidet toilet seats from those with basic features to the latest model with advanced features. Although you may need some courage to use it for the first time, once you use it you may be hooked on it. Please experience Japanese toilet that was developed pursuing the refreshed feeling of the users.

Safety Information from Japan Tourism Agency

“Safety tips for travelers” is rolled out on the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) website. It provides some information for foreign visitors coming to Japan in case of an emergency, such as a natural disaster.

Japan Unlimited! Celebrating Philippines-Japan Friendship Month 2013 and the 40th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation


The Reasonable Train Ticket, New 「JR EAST PASS」

~Flexible five-day pass , unlimited rides for JR East Line ~
“JR EAST PASS” is the famous train ticket for foreigners coming to Japan. New “JR EAST PASS” is on sale now. It will be available to take Hayabusa (reserved & non reserved sheet) and Rinkai Line (normal, rapid and express line). You can use it for 5 days within 14 days of purchase.

・Sales Period : From 1st Jul to 31st Mar

・Ticket counter (exchanging and purchasing) : JR EAST Travel Service Center

・Price : 22,000 yen for adult ,11,000 yen for children

・Eligibility : for only Temporary Visitors
(Not available for foreign students and multi visa holders)

「Mt.Fuji Round Trip Ticket」

The affordable ticket to Mt. Fuji, which has been recently granted World Heritage status

The ticket called “Mt Fuji Round Trip Ticket” will go on sales from 1st of July. It offers unlimited rides on the Fuji Kyuko Line and Fuji Tozan (directly access to Mt Fuji) for two days. It includes a round trip between Tokyo and the station of Fuji Kyuko Line! Make sure to use this reasonably priced ticket to go to Mt Fuji, which poised to get World Heritage Status!

・Sales Period : 1st Jul 2013 to 30th Oct 2013

・Valid Date : Two days

・Eligibility : foreign passport holders
(multi-visa holders and foreign students are also available)
Certificate for Climbing Mt.Fuji

Notable Events & Festivals

Fireworks Festival Information

The symbol of summer in Japan is fireworks! Sparkling and beautiful fireworks always make people feel happy! Come and enjoy Japanese fireworks!

Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival

・This is one of the most famous fireworks festivals in Tokyo.

・Location: Along Sumida River(near Asakusa & Mukojima)

・Date : 27th Jul 2013 (if it rains, it postpone to the next day, 28th)

・Time: 19:05~

・Access : 15 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station

Chikugogawa Fireworks Festival

The Fireworks Festival has been happening since 350 years ago at Kurume-city, Fukuoka

・Place : along Chikugogawa River

・Date : 5th Aug 2013

・Time : 19:40~21:00

・Access : 10 minutes on foot from Kurume station / shuttle bus from Nishi-tetsu Kurume-station (one way ¥220)

The event in Philippine

The Japanese film festival will be held from 3rd July to the end of August in some cities in the Philippines to celebrate the 40 years of Japan-Asean friendship and cooperation and also the Philippine-Japan friendship month.

Schedule: Visit Website

Enjoy More!

Let’s get the latest news of Japan!


“att.Japan” is the magazine (both English and Chinese) for foreign people living and coming to Japan. Many people love those contents such as Japanese culture and custom, recipes for Japanese food which can are easy to make, and sightseeing place and town of Japan. Town and train maps for big cities, such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto etc, are also available. You can get it at hotels, tourist information, embassies, airports, travel agencies and also at 59 foreign cities. You can check the website of “Web att.JAPAN” also! There is more information on this site! The site can be translated into English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese Languages.

「Web att.JAPAN」

Issue Date : 10th Mar, 10th Jun, 10th Sep, 10th Dec

Publication : Finex


『GOOD LUCK TRIP』is the free magazine of introducing Japanese sightseeing information to foreign visitors from all over the world, especially from East Asia. You can get details about the airports, tourist information and hotels in Japan.


The magazine promoting Japanese culture, product and sightseeing place for foreign countries, has been published since April 2010 by the editors who used to live overseas. The contents differ for each country based on each culture and custom. You can check Japanese restaurants and shops in the magazines issued in your country!

Facebook: Visit Fanpage


NHK started to roll out their android app “NHK WORLD TV Live” where you can watch live streaming of NHK WORLD TV, on 22nd Oct, 2012 for Android 2.2. You can download for free on Google Play. NHK WORLD TV is the international broadcast service that introduce latest news of Japan and Asia mainly and Japanese traditional culture in English and trends all over the world 24th Jul. People in over 130 countries and areas can watch this program.


「NHK WORLD TV Live」 Free Application: Visit Website


Free Wi-Fi spots are increasing throughout Japan!

Just show your passport to obtain an ID and password

Free use of Wi-Fi spots around Japan for 14 days (336 hours)!

Using these free Wi-Fi services involves no difficult procedures. Basically, you just need to pick up a free Wi-Fi card from one of the counters established at facilities such as airports and tourist information centers (see illustration below). Simply show your passport and you can receive one of these cards. The ID and password necessary to log-in are printed on the card, so you just need to enter these as directed at an access point with the NTT East Wi-Fi signal (0000FLETS-PORTAL). Having done that, you can then make free use of Wi-Fi spots provided by NTT East for 14 days (336 hours). It’s simple and easy!

There is no need to fill out any application form, so this service is perfect for first-time visitors to Japan. You don’t even have to send an e-mail to begin - all you need is your everyday Wi-Fi-supported mobile device. There are already more than 17,000 NTT East Wi-Fi spots around Japan (as of January 2013) and all of these are based on fiber optic lines, guaranteeing fast and stable communications.

Check the places where you can receive free Wi-Fi cards, and main free Wi-Fi spots here:

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