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Introduction of Shinkansen(Bullettrain) and related museums

<Shinkansen(bullet train)>
It is said that Shinkansen is the safest railway of the world. Each trains has their own nicknames such as "Hikari", "Nozomi " and "Komachi". The current routes are consist of those lines such as Tokaido(Tokyo-ShinOsaka) Tohoku(Tokyo-ShinAomori),Jo-etsu(Omiya-Niigata),Hokuriku(Takasaki-Nagano),Sanyo(ShinOsaka-Hakata),Kyusyu(Hakata-KagoshimaChuo) and Mini Shinkansen which run on conventional lines in Akita and Yamagata. They are representative railway network that connect major cities in Japan, from Tohoku to Kyusyu.

Shinkansen (Bullettrain)

Shinkansen N700A

A new vehicle model "N700S" –upgraded high speed, comfort and environmental performance and energy efficiency based on the high potential of "N700" series- debuted in February 2013 and started its operation on Tokaido line. (Operation on Sanyo line is now scheduled)

Akita Shinkansen E6

As a vehicle for the Akita Shinkansen, E6 series –can be connected to E5 series- debuted in March. The bodies of vehicles are painted in "Akane color" (deep red), in image of Akita's traditional "Namahage" carnival and "Kanto" (light pole festival) and nicknamed "Super Komachi".

In order to run at 320km / h the fastest in domestic, has adopted a state-of-the-art technology to improve the environmental performance and comfort.

SCMAGLEV and Railway Park ~a museum full of dreams and memories~

A museum designed to introduce the "Advances in high-speed rail technology" centered on the current Tokaido Shinkansen and the exhibition through to the next generation of superconducting linear from conventional lines. It provides a forum to learn the effects of the railway given to society's economic and cultural perspectives and life, in general.
Anybody, from children to adults can enjoy Japan's largest dioramas and experience the simulator.

The railway museum

Under the concept of Railway, History and Education, the railway museum opened at Saitama city in 2007. In history, one of the main exhibitions you can see and experience are 36 real vehicles of Japanese history from the start in Meiji era to the present day.

In areas of techniques and learning, you can learn the mechanism of railway system and state-of-the-art principles from models and simulations. And there are many other excellent facilities such as "D51 simulator", "Mini train driver" and "diorama model railroad".

News & Topics

On March 4-8th 2013,
the IOC(International Olympic Committee) Evaluation Committee visited Tokyo to assess and inspect the city for its goal to host the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. Currently three cities, Tokyo, Madrid (Spain), and Istanbul (Turkey) are in the running. The Host City will be selected at the IOC's general meeting on September 7 2013 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It was announced during the IOC Evaluation Commission visit that the approval rating of the Japanese population for the 2020 Games was 70% in Tokyo and 67% nationwide (outside of Tokyo). With the theme "Tokyo and Japan need the power of sport and the power to dream", the country is united as one as an "All Japan" team. Let's together receive the honour of hosting the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games!

Let’s pile up 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the Paralympics!

Volunteer guide

In Tokyo, there are many tourist guide services in foreign languages provided by volunteer guides such as accompanied by guide and the provision of travel information.
Currently, they strengthened its support system for foreign tourists to enjoy their trip to Japan.

Tokyo SGG club

In Ueno and Asakusa, they conduct guided tours in English that targets foreign tourists.
No need of reservation. Participants directly come to the meeting place.

Asakusa guide tour

Day:Every Saturday and Sunday

Hour:1st 11:00~, 2nd 13:15~

Meeting place:Asakusa culture tourist information center , 1F Information counter

Duration time:60minutes

Ueno guide tour

Day:Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Hour:1st 10:30~, 2nd 13:30~

Meeting place:Ueno Green Salon, Tourism information counter


List of other volunteer guides

SGG club support foreign tourist in 39 prefectures.

Japan Tourism Agency New video "DISCOVER the SPIRIT of JAPAN"

Under the theme of "DISCOVER the SPIRIT of JAPAN", Japan Tourism Agency published the main PR video in 17 languages. Picking up "Awa-odori", which is said the world' best carnival that contains Rio Carnival, as a door contents, introduce fun and passionate Japanese people.

New opened website ( has more than 160 of videos (by themes, Tourist resorts and attractions) and introduces "UNKNOWN Japan" to tourists.


Feature “Airport in Japan”

Narita international airport

Narita international airport now provides multilingual guide services incorporating the latest IT technology and smartphone apps. Visit Website

Video phone guidance service.

From April 1st, they introduced display terminal equipped with a videophone function to information counter to provide multilingual guide services for foreign tourists.

Place :All information counters in terminal buildings 911 in Terminal 1 , 8 in Terminal 2, 19 total)

Available hours :6:00~23:00

Languages:Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean (4 languages)

Passenger information with iPad

From July 2012, cyclic guide staff started providing passenger information services with iPad. They give you information immediately such as updated flight info and time transit info of trains and buses, Hotel info around Natira airport or Tokyo and lost-and-found info. Also, they introduce and explain (of) about shops and service facilities in airport with photo and maps on their iPad. Further, multilingual translation app “NariTra” is available.

Recommended smartphone app, multilingual translation “NariTra”

This app can translate your speech (with) only by talking to smartphone. Available from English, Chinese and Korean to Japanese. (Also available from Japanese to English, Chinese and Korean)
It breaks language barrier of foreign tourists and makes their travel easy and fun.
Free download (Data communication fee applied) for iPhone and Android.

Navi app in Narita international airport「NRT_Airport Navi」

This is an app to have comfortable time in Narita airport. Some functions available such as “MY FLIGHT” (Alarm timer on 40 minutes before your flight), “FLIGHT INFO” (Search engine of flights arrive and depart), “MAP NAVI” (Check where you are and where to go), “GUIDE” (Search engine of functions and shops info in airport).
Available in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean.
Free download (Data communication fee applied) for iPhone and Android.

JR East Pass Special

The JR EAST PASS SPECIAL is available for a discounted price valid for a limited time only: from Monday, April 1 to Sunday, June 30, 2013. Use it for unlimited rides on JR East lines, including Shinkansen lines and limited express rail. Use the JR EAST PASS SPECIAL for any three days of your choice during the 10-day period from the day the pass is issued
Also use it on the Narita Express between Narita Airport and the Tokyo area, to move around Tokyo, and to travel by Shinkansen and limited express trains to areas such as Sendai, Aomori, Akita and Niigata.
Prices:  Adults(12 and over) 15,000 yen Children(6 to11) 7,500 yen

Notable Events & Festivals



Welcome to the 141th Presentation of the MIYAKO ODORI- Our traditional Spring Dance Festival in the heart of Kyoto’s historic entertainment district, Gion. Beginning in 1872 the Kaburenjo Theater has been the setting for this vibrant cultural gem and this year our proud legacy will continue to captivate audiences from Japan and around the world. We hope you can visit and enjoy the unique brilliance of this timeless diamond set amidst the jewels of Kyoto, ” The Ancient Capital”!

Kyoto city guide KYOTO TRAVEL GUIDE

Enjoy More!

Enjoy Japan with 1,000 yen!

Take advantage of the cheap yen in Japan! A guide to "Value" Since the end of 2012, the yen has been weakening. Although until recently, the strong yen has created the perception that traveling in Japan is expensive, it has now become much easier to get around on a budget.
*1000 Yen equals 437.46 Pesos(Rate on 2013/4/3)
We’ll show you some great value ideas to enjoy Japan.

A specialty shop for cheap snacks - “Dagashi Yumeya”

Stores named for specializing in “Dagashi”, cheap sweets that you can buy a for a few 10’s of yen and toys, were popular long ago with grade school children who could enjoy shopping there with just their pocket money and were found all over Japan. In modern Japan, their market share has been taken by convenience stores, and though they greatly declined in number, now they have started to appear in places like shopping centers all over the country as concept shops selling sentimental candy favorites. They stock a wide variety of things from candies, snacks and chocolate to traditional items like senbei (rice crackers) and kinako (soybean flour) sweets. Seeing all the exciting novelty sweets, and enjoying their flavor is the cheap version of Japanese gourmet style.

You can freely choose from the sushi on the plates

Reasonable,delicious and fun!“Kaiten Sushi”

When thinking of the most famous kind of Japanese cuisine, it might be appropriate to suggest sushi. Although there are many high class sushi restaurants, there’s a popular way in Japan to enjoy sushi reasonably from 100 yen per plate called “kaiten-sushi”. At a kaiten-sushi shop, plates with 2 pieces of sushi each ride around slowly on a conveyor belt. Even if you can’t read the menu, you can just pick the ones that look good to eat, which makes it easy. Of course, if you make an order, the sushi chefs will make it fresh for you on the spot. It’s pretty much safe to say that near every major train station in Japan there’s a kaiten-sushi restaurant, so please try it at least once!

1,000 yen’s worth of sushi (excl. tax) You can freely choose from the sushi on the plates

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