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Special season of Miyajima is in red leaves in Autumn. Some areas of Miyajima were designated as a World Heritage Site in1996. Itsukushima Shrine, made with manner of Heian era palatial architecture, and Misen primeval forest, where there is still remaining natures called holy precinct have been registered as World Heritage Site since 1996.

Itsukushima Shrine is lit up at night. Also, the shrine's graceful scenery in the sacred atmosphere in the morning is magnificent and you cannot miss it. You should stay in Miyajima to experience majestic view. Omote-Sando shopping district is the main street from the port to Itsukushima Shrine and there are lots of souvenir shops on both sides of the street. Even now, 300 million travelers come here in a year.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial (A-bomb Dome)

A-Bomb Dome was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. On August 6, 1945, the atomic bombing was conducted during the final stages of World War II. The two event (the other one is Nagasaki in Japan) are only using nuclear weapons in war to date.

The building had been used as the Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall. Currently the A-Bomb Dome is the symbol representing people's prayers for a lasting peace and convey war’s tragedy to the next generation.

Hiroshima Castle

©Hiroshima Prefecture

Hiroshima Castle was destroyed by A-Bomb but already restored. It has the museum of Samurai culture also. At Ninomaru of Hiroshima Castle, ’Aki Hiroshima busho tai’ act performance every Sunday.

In Tenshukaku, the traditional attire such as hakama, armor, helmat, and Kamishimo which is official attire of Samurai.

Sandankyo Gorge

©Hiroshima Prefecture

Spectacular view. Sandankyo gorge is gifted with limpid stream and green it is a large gorge which length is about 13km from the entrance if Sandankyo gorge to Hijiri Laki.Five big sceneries of Kurobuchi, Sarutobi, Nidandaki, and Sandandaki are aplendid. Although it looks like long way, it is optimal to do hiking in a relaxed mood. Especially in the spring and fall, the beauty is like an art of nature.

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News & Topics

Hiroshima TRAVELPAL International 

Provide tourists with various tourist information maps and brochures. Provide tourists with various tourist information maps and brochures. For foreign travelers in 30 facilities, services such as guides of direction and tourist information for foreign travellers, washrooms, rest space are provided. In some facilities, free public Wi-Fi, access to internet-connected computer are also available.
They are so convenient for foreign travelers.

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©Hiroshima Prefecture

Shimanami Kaido which crosses Seto Inland Sea spans about 70 kilometers from Onomichi City through six islands to Imabari City. There is a bicycle rental service available along Shimanami Kaido. It’s possible to return a bicycle at 15terminals at each district. Rental fee is 500 yen a day.

Deposit of 1,000 Yen is required. This can be refundable if You will return to the same terminal of your departure.

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Vending machines

The next generation of machines in Japan.
Some vending machines displayed their products on touch-panel displays. Sensors installed in the vending machine automatically estimate the user’s age and gender, and then appropriate product suggestions are made. For example, young women may be recommended types of water containing vitamins or jasmine tea, while male employees returning from work may receive suggestions for coffee or energy drinks.
Cut fresh apples and glasses can be purchased from some vending machines.

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Christmas illumination has started in many places in Yokohama Minatomirai Area.
It is worth visiting during your shopping!

・Christmas illumination at MARK IS

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Hiroshima Electric railway

Appeal points of streetcar・Lets travel about Hiroshima by streetcar!

Hiroden (streetcar)

©Hiroshima Prefecture

The streetcar“Hiroden”is useful and cheap type of transportation in Hiroshima- City. They have 8 routes in Hiroshima-city and another line going to Miyajima. Hiroden has old history and has been the means of transportations for Hiroshima citizens for an hundred years. They also have a train model restored after the first model in the first year of Taisho. Lets see around Hiroshima-city!


The observer by Shishiiwa station is going by ropeway, is a great place to view beautiful sea and islands in Seto island sea across from Hirosima side magnificent and amazing sea.

Free shuttle bus is available from the back site of Itsukushima shrine.
(Approximately every 20 minutes, 3 minutes )
fare Adult 1,800yen  child 900yen
<December, January, February>
Opening hours 9:00~16:30 last down train time17:00

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Notable Events & Festivals

Miyajima oyster festival( February )

Speaking of food in winter, it is Oyster “Kaki”. Hiroshima prefecture ranks first in the production of Kaki in Japan. Miyajima oyster festival is held every year, over two days on the second weekend in February when oysters are the most tasty in the winter (8th Feb, 9th Feb in 2014). The dishes composed of many Miyajima kaki such as “dote nabe”( Miso is pasted on a hot pot, and eat it with boiling vegetables and tofu, and kaki.),”kaki fry (fried oysters)” and “Kaki Okonomiyaki (Oyster in pancake) are served at low price.

Winter event in Onomichi 

Onomihci holds a variety of events through the year

◇8th January・・・ Saitougoma (Hiwatari Shinji) holy men and visitors walk barefoot over hot embers and ashes while they pray for health, good fortune, peace in their homes, and prosperity in business.

◇3rd February・・・ Saionji Setsubun Celemony
A customized event in Saionji. Starting by a make-a-face game that brings you good fortunes, men burning in the same year as the Chinese zodiac of current year throw beans and they pray for good health and safety of all families throughout the year. Mochi and orange are thrown instead of beans. Many people were gathered with open arms to get good fortune.

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Event information

・Anicraze 2 2013
November 16, 2013 PFVR, Baguio City
URL: Visit Website

・ANIMAX Carnival Philippines 2013
December 08, 2013 TriNoma Mall
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・MAU: J-ASEAN Dance Collaboration
November 16 and 17, 2013
the Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (Little Theater) of the Cultural Center of the Philippines in Pasay City
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・SENSORIUM Media/Art Kitchen Manila Exhibition, Labs, Workshops & Talks
November 8 - 24, 2013
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ARCH-WALK HIROSHIMA (AWH) is a citizens' group aiming to disseminate the pleasure of architecture walk in Hiroshima. We're engaged in holding architectural events and compiling an architecture guide book.

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Hiroshima’s gourmet

©Hiroshima Prefecture


Go and get in touch with the food culture of Hiroshima ordinary people at "Okonomimura" in Hiroshima city. Within the building of Okonomimura are total 26 Okonomiyaki restaurants.
Hiroshima Okonomiyaki is a kind of healthy crepe loved by local people which contains plenty of vegetables, seafoods and meats. Go and get in touch with the food culture of Hiroshima ordinary people at "Okonomimura" in Hiroshima city.

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Momiji Manjuu

It’s a maple-leaf-shaped cake filled with mashed sweet bean paste which is called "Manjuu". Maple is the symbol tree of Hiroshima prefecture and Miyajima also. In Miyajima, there are about 20 Momiji Manjuu manufacturers. Each shop has unique menus, creating their original candy or dough or new menus(such as chocolate or cheese flavor and so on). It’s also fun to compare several kinds of tastes in each shop.

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"Kamotsuru", an old established product of Japanese Sake, has run for 95 years in Hiroshima. Most famous sake here is Kinjyo sake. It is the one whose material is white lice policed less than 60 %, and which is fermented a low temperature and brewed.

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Hiroshima Quest

Hiroshima Quest is the application for smart phone which has lot of sightseeing information of Hiroshima. You can search it easily. It will help you to expand your travel plans more! It can be used for your favorite spots and it’s also useful to communicate with other travelers by words of mouth information.

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