News letter Wonderful Japan in the Philippines

Greetings to all travel trade and media members in Philippines,
With great excitement, Japan is now promoting Filipino
tourism to Japan. To acquaint you with the latest Japan travel news, we bring you this bimonthly Wonderful Japan newsletter published by the Japan Tourism Agency (JTA).
In this first issue of Wonderful Japan newsletter, we would like to start from introducing Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Bangkok office, who will provide latest Japan travel news through this newsletter.

Dear travel trade and media members,
We, Japan National Tourism Organization, Bangkok Office, in charge of the travel market from Philippines to Japan, have started a newsletter with the latest information on travel to Japan!

For more information on Japan or brochures, please contact:

Places to visit now "Hakone"

One of Japan’s renowned onsen, or hot-spring resorts, Hakone has a history of more than 1200 years. droppedImage_1.jpgYou can feel the atmosphere of long-ago Edo on its charming roads, and enjoy town scenery nostalgic of the Meiji and Taisho eras at Miyanoshita.Hakone is the best place to view the graceful Mt. Fuji, symbol of Japan, from spots such as Ashinoko, Oowakudani and the Hakone ropeway. Hakone’s sakura cherry blossoms are breathtaking in the spring and its fiery red and gold leaves glorious in the fall, and in winter, white snowy landscapes create a magical atmosphere and Mt. Fuji welcomes you under a cloak of snow.droppedImage_2.jpg
If you’re staying in Tokyo or Nagoya, day trips to Hakone are only a 90-minute train ride away. And it’s always fun to stay in one of Hakone’s traditional Japanese inns, or ryokan, where breakfast and dinner are served in your tatami-mat room.
A useful information site for visiting Hakone is the Odakyu Group’s “Hakone Navi.”This website gives information on access, discount tickets and accommodations.

Enjoy traveling with Hello Kitty

droppedImage.pngHaven’t you ever wished you could travel with Hello Kitty? Make this wish a reality with the new “Visit Japan with Hello Kitty” iPhone app, released in September 2012! With this app you can download more than 50 different Hello Kitty screens with various motifs based on tourist spots and specialty products throughout Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. droppedImage_1.pngEnjoy Hello Kitty in extra-cute style, dressed in a range of adorable costumes. In addition, this application has a camera mode allowing you to take pictures together with Hello Kitty dressed in the costume of the place you are visiting.Experience the feeling of traveling around Japan with Hello Kitty, and together make many wonderful memories of your stay.

For details and to download the app, visit:

Sanrio Puroland - KITTYROBOT opening soon

December 1st marks the opening of Sanrio Puroland’s droppedImage_8.jpgKITTYROBOT, an all-new attraction where you can design a custom robot at the futuristic Sanrio Robotics Institute. droppedImage_9.jpgChallenge yourself to various games, then choose different design parts to create your original robot. For a small fee, you can print your robot design as a photo or card to take home as souvenirs.

From Narita : Airport Limousine Bus (120-145 minutes)
Get off at Tama Center Station, then walk 5 minutes.
From Haneda : Airport Limousine Bus (80-120 minutes)
Get off at Tama Center Station, then walk 5 minutes.

From Shinjuku Station : Keio Line
Take Semi-Express Train, change at Chofu Station to take Express train to
Keio Tama Center Station (about 28 minutes), then walk 5 minutes.

※Photos are from “KITYYROBOT” event in Hong Kong last year.
(C)2012 SANRIO CO.,LTD. Original concept by Sanrio Wave HK. All rights reserved.

Tokyo Station Reborn
JR EAST Travel Service Center

October 2012 marked the restoration of Tokyo Station to the glory of the Taisho Era, when it was built. The restoration includes a new service center for foreign travelers, “JR EAST Travel Service Center,” located at the Marunouchi North Entrance gate.droppedImage_4.jpg
Here, English-, Chinese- and Korean-speaking staff can exchange and sell JR East passes and other passes for tourists, provide sightseeing information and distribute brochures. The center also offers baggage check-in, currency exchange and accommodation booking services. Please use the JR EAST Travel Service Center as the starting point for your travels in Japan.


Share Your WOW!Japan Photo Contest
Win a Special Privilege AND Round-trip Ticket to Japan with Accommodation!

JTA’s Share Your WOW! Japan Photo Contest is under way from now through 11:59 p.m. (Japan time) on February 15, 2013. All you have to do is register online and upload a photo you took in Japan. There are six themes; Cool, Delicious, Happy, Beautiful, Funny and Miracle. The winner will be decided through selection by JTA and also by the number of “WOW!”s you get from viewers. Participants may also share their photos on Facebook to get more WOW!s.
The grand prize winner will win a one-day Lord of Tsuruga-jo experience at Tsuruga Castle in Aizu Wakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture. Theme winners will win special prizes related to each theme. The winner of Delicious will get an all-you-can-eat coupon for sushi at a two-star Michelin restaurant, and the Funny winner will win a one-day ninja experience. All winners get a round-trip ticket and hotel accommodation in Japan!
That’s not all! Nine winners will be chosen from among photos from the Northern Kanto and Tohoku areas, and each will get a special prize from Tohoku. AND, 10,000 contest entrants will win free Wi-Fi service for one week when they visit Japan!
Those planning to travel to Japan, as well as those who have traveled to Japan in the past can enter this photo contest. Don’t miss the chance to win great prizes!

スクリーンショット 2012-11-06 8.40.53.png

Experience a ‘Unique’ Japan with Local Tours

To truly experience Japanese culture and traditions, we recommend taking local tours. Enjoy chatting with Maiko after a dinner at which they perform traditional Japanese dances, take a onsen bath while watching snow monkeys, learn how to use a samurai sword. Many types of tours await you. Short on time? Many tours are only a few hours.

Examples of local tours :

droppedImage_21.jpg droppedImage_22.jpg
C/Toshimana Toshikana dancing "Harusame" / CLF

If you visit Japan in winter, spectacular and romantic light displays are a must-see. Fantastical lights are normally displayed from November to Christmas, although some places love their lights so much, the displays are kept until New Year or even Valentine’s Day.
One of the best spots in Tokyo is Odaiba on Tokyo Bay waterfront. Here, Palette Town, Odaiba Kaihin Park, Aqua City Odaiba and other sites feature winter light displays. A night view of the Rainbow Bridge is simply impressive.
Light displays are found in many cities across Japan, so check and visit different places as you like.


[Odaiba] C/Odaiba illumination_40 by ajari  (五歩/PIXTA(ピクスタ))

●Giant Sky Wheel in palette town
●DECKS Tokyo Beach

Factory tours have become very popular. Why? They’re a fun way to learn about products you see and use every day. See displays of the latest products, find out the manufacturing process, and visitors enjoy purchasing their original goods as souvenirs from the museum shop!
Factory tours normally require pre-booking, so please check their website before you visit.

●Nissin Foods (Location: Osaka)→ Instant noodles
●Toyota(Location: Aichi)→ Cars/Trucks