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Special Interest Travel Guide

For travel trade professionals

Special Interest Travel Guide

Japan is a great place to pursue a kaleidoscope of special interests. Our own guide merely scratches the surface. Go ahead and explore; Japan is a gold mine of unique experiences that will take you well beyond the limits of conventional tourism!

Skiing (PDF:200KB)
Camping (PDF:336KB)
Japan for free! (PDF:272KB)
Animation (PDF:132KB)
Hot springs (PDF:248KB)

Traditional sports (PDF:152KB)
Annual events (PDF:140KB)
Gardens (PDF:200KB)
Ceramic arts and crafts (PDF:292KB)
Bonsai and horticulture (PDF:212KB)
Cultual & Educational

Museums and art galleries (PDF:224KB)
Industrial tours (PDF:172KB)
Contemporary architecture (PDF:356KB)

adobe acrobat readerNote: Each practical travel guide is presented in the form of a PDF file. Acrobat Reader 5.0 is required to view these files. You`ll also need Japanese fonts to view and print them properly. The Japanese fonts can be downloaded from the Acrobat Reader home page.