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Why choose Japan?

School Excursion

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Why JAPAN is the best choice for school Excursion

•Tokyo & vicinity
•Osaka,Kyoto & Nara
•Option - Hiroshima

KYOTO/Ninnaji Temple
KYOTO/Ninnaji Temple


Shinkansen: a high
-speed railway that runs
at 270km/h.It has realized
safety and comfort by
getting sophisticated
latest technologies into
full use.

Ticket Vending Machine
It is easy to get to
destinations because of
its developed public

Shuttle Bus Center
Shuttle Bus Counter

Koban: Your friendly neighborhood police box. Police help travelers from abroad as well as residents.

School Visit

The Land of Japan is richly endowed with nature and has beautiful mountains, trees, rivers, lakes and seas; which show distinctive beauty in each season. In spring, trees begin to bud and cherry blossoms bloom. In summer it is hot and people enjoy water sports. In autumn, trees turn red and yellow, painting the mountains in autumn color. In winter snow falls so that sports such as skiing can be enjoyed. Onsen, or hot-springs, one of the blessings of nature, can be enjoyed throughout the year. Taking a bath at an onsen will be the most comforting experience for you. Japan’s unique natural beauty will give visitors an unforgettable experience.

Known as one of the most developed countries in the world for its industries and cutting edge technology, Japan is at the same time a treasury of traditional cultures, architecture, arts and performing arts, with 11 World Heritage sites. Fashion, entertainment and animation are newer cultural fields in which Japan takes an active role. There is so much to see in Japan!
Students will be fascinated to encounter a foreign culture here in Japan.

Japan’s transport network is very extensive and enables speedy and comfortable traveling; regions are conveniently connected to each other by air, rail and highways. Riding on the internationally renowned Shinkansen or bullet train will be an exciting experience for the students!

Japan offers a wide variety of accommodation from guesthouses to luxurious hotels so that you can choose where to stay according to your needs and budgets. Staying at a Japanese- style inn will be a unique experience.
Food is one of the great pleasures of traveling in Japan, as it proudly offers diversified cuisine from all over the world. For lovers of Japanese style dishes, Sukiyaki, Tempura and Sushi are waiting for you. For budget conscious travelers, Japan also has competitively priced and yet delicious dishes such as Okonomiyaki, Japanese pancake, and Gyudon, a bowl of rice with meat.

Japan is a very safe country for students to visit as it has an exceptionally low crime rate, advanced medical care and advanced international telecommunication. Students are able to walk around by themselves in safety.

In Japan, English language education has been included in the curriculum of the last three years of compulsory education. Accordingly, all Japanese people study English for at least 3 years, and the majority study for six years or more. When you are seeking for information in the town, you will find no difficulty finding someone to help you in English.
Some people may not be fluent, or may be shy at first, but you will soon notice that people’s friendliness and willingness to communicate fully compensate for the lack of fluency in English.

Although Japan is often perceived as an expensive travel destination, actually there are a wide variety of budget accommodation options, transportation passes and sightseeing discounts, which help to make Japan an affordable destination for even the most budget conscious traveler.
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 Here are some comments from the students  who have actually visited Japan on a school excursion!

 •Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto were very fantastic cities to visit!
 •Japanese people are really friendly and caring. They are willing to help at any time.
 •Japan is really easy to get around. Signs in English are everywhere, Koban are really helpful.
 •Visiting the temples in Kyoto made me realize what the culture used to be and still is.
 •You can get lots of information on Japan through magazines and the Internet, but actually visiting
 •Japan and discovering how wonderful it really is, was a very valuable experience.