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Tokyo & vicinity / 5~8 days

School Excursion

For travel trade professionals

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Tokyo & vicinity
•1~4 days
•5~8 days
Osaka,Kyoto & Nara
Option - Hiroshima

Morning: Leave Tokyo
Lunch time: Arrive in Kusatsu
Kusatsu hot springs

Ski at Kusatsu
Evening: Leave Kusatsu
Night: Arrive in Tokyo

Kusatsu Spring headsStaying in Kusatsu
Tengu Yama. Kusatsu's ski slopes
Tengu Yama, Kusatsu's ski slopes
Kusatsu is a well-known, popular and historic hot-spring town close to Tokyo. There are more than 100 springheads and the town boasts an abundant quantity of natural hot water. There is a hot-spring waterfall in the center of this town, where 4,400-liter hot water falls per minute and creates dense steam. There are many guesthouses, Japanese inns, souvenir shops and restaurants in the town.

This place is close to Kusatsu hot-spring town and many visitors come here to enjoy winter sports such as ski and snowboard.

One Day Trip to the Vicinity of Tokyo
(Nikko, Kamakura, Yokohama,etc)

Designated as a World Heritage site, the vast area of Nikko mountain is dotted with many famous buildings and sculptures. A dragon painted on the ceiling of main building of the Nikko Toshogu shrine is spectacular. The views from the mountain are also breathtaking.

The Great Buddha, the symbolic figure of Kamakura, was built in 1252. After the building that used to house the Great Buddha was damaged by a typhoon in the 14th century, the Buddha sits in the open air.

Yokohama is a popular waterfront city where facilities of business, shopping, amusement and restaurants gather – such as cutting-edge skyscraper, attractive shops within a brick-made warehouse with history and a large observation wheel with a clock.

Free until the Flight Time
(Akihabara, Harajuku, eat Sushi)

Akihabara is internationally known as the town of electrical and multimedia products. There are shops selling cutting-edge hardware, parts and software, large and small, and it is said that there is nothing in that field that you cannot find in this area.

It is a town with a beautiful row of Zelkova trees. There are many boutiques, restaurants and so on that are popular to teen-age students. There are a lot of stores of international top brands and the town is one of the most fashionable places where trends are created.