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School Excursion-index

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School Excursion-index

Japan lies off the east coast of the Asian Continent, surrounded by sea in all directions and consists of 4 major islands and more than 4,000 smaller islands.

With its beautiful nature, cutting edge technology and its unique traditional culture and art, Japan makes an excellent destination of school excursions.
To find out more about Japan’s merits for school excursion, please refer to the links below.

· Diverse four seasons in a beautiful natural environment
· Coexistence of cutting edge technology and rich tradition
· Developed transport network
· Excellent choice of accommodation and food
· High security standard and comfortable holiday
· English speaking, friendly people
· Budget Travel

Kyoto Temple
•Why choose Japan?

•Tokyo & vicinity
•Osaka,Kyoto & Nara
School Visit Map of Japan
Map of Japan
For more information, Please contact your nearest JNTO office.