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An hour and a half Shinkansen ride from central Osaka will bring you to Hiroshima prefecture, situated at the center of the Chugoku region, the southwest end of Japan’s mainland. Surrounded by the sea and mountains, the area is blessed with natural beauty, and is designated as a part of Setonaikai National Park. Hiroshima City, the center of administration and economy of Hiroshima prefecture, is known to the world as the first city devastated by an atomic bomb during the World War 2. Today, Hiroshima is a city of peace whose citizens ontinue to advocate the importance of peace and the abolition of nuclear weapons through conveying their experiences. People from the world visit the city to resolve never to repeat the tragedy.

•Tokyo & vicinity
•Osaka,Kyoto & Nara
Tokyo to Hiroshima
  by Rail: Tokyo Station   > 4h 10min by JR Tokaido & Sanyo Shinkansen  >   Hiroshima Sta.

  by Air: Tokyo Haneda Airport   > 1h 20min by airplane  >   Hiroshima Airport   > 50min by bus  >   Hiroshima Sta.

  Osaka to Hiroshima

  by Rail: Shin-Osaka Station   > 1h 30min by JR Sanyo Shinkansen  >   Hiroshima Sta.

Atomic Bomb Dome
Atomic Bomb Dome
Itsuku-shima Jinja Shrine
Itsuku-shima Jinja Shrine

Itsuku-shima Jinja Shrine 2
The Atomic Bomb Dome is the only building that remained the atomic bomb explosion in 1945 and has become the symbol of Hiroshima city. Bare, scorched steel sticks out from the roof and collapsed walls. The miserable half-demolished figure expresses the dire disaster at that time. Together with the adjacent Peace Memorial Park, it has been registered as a World Cultural Heritage to continue to express the sins of wars and preciousness of peace to the future.

Known for its great gate standing in the sea, the majestic shrine Itsuku-shima-jinja Shrine is designated as Japan’s Important Cultural Property. The shrine is located on Miyajima Island which is praised as one of the three most beautiful sights in Japan. The island of Miyajima itself has had a history of being an object of worship, and men of power had always worshiped and protected Miyajima.