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Japan is heading towards full-scale winter.
A high-quality Japan that can only be experienced in winter awaits you.

December has come around. Japan welcomes its most bustling season with Christmas and the New Year. The clear blue winter skies and refreshing climate you see before your eyes is very beautiful.

In addition to Hokkaido, northern Japan and in mountainous areas you can appreciate the beauty of a silvery landscape blanketed in snow and enjoy snow sports such as skiing and sleighing.

You can also experience the ultimate form of relaxation as you seemingly become one with nature in an outdoor hot spring amidst the falling snow. Winter is also the best time to catch a glimpse of Mt Fuji. In contrast, cherry blossoms will first start to bloom in warm Okinawa.

You can also look forward to culinary delights that can only be tasted during this season. Beginning with sukiyaki and shabu-shabu, hot-pot dishes of each region will warm your heart and body. Further, you can enjoy the Christmas illuminations in each area that resemble works of art as well as the best New Year sales.

Please refer to the following links:

Illuminations information

Special Event Information
Meet The New Japan Campaign : http://meet-j.jp/
Kansai Mega Sale : http://www.kansai-megasale.com/

At the year end and start of a New Year in Japan, you can experience both the town atmosphere overflowing with the energy of welcoming a New Year as well as the traditional and elegant New Year events. From 2nd January onwards, department stores and smaller shops are filled with shoppers for a specially planned sale period called “Hatsu-uri”.

Japan National Tourism Organization uses the web and social media to introduce the appeal of Japan to people around the world. Japan can be enjoyed safely, securely and in comfort.

As always, we will continue to welcome all visitors warmly from the bottom of our hearts. We are sincerely looking forward to extending a hearty welcome to you on your next visit to Japan.


December 2012

Ryoichi Matsuyama
Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)