Fuki-ji Temple

Oita, Kyushu

Fukiji Temple (富貴寺) was built in the year 718. Its Amida-do is generally called Fuki-ji O-do. It is the oldest wooden structure in Kyushu. Inside the main hall are colorful pictures portraying various themes of the Buddha, indicating the fervent Buddhist worship among the believers at this temple. The main hall is designated as a National Treasure. The seated image of the Amida-Nyorai contained in the main hall is designated by the national government as an Important Cultural Property.

Fuki-ji is located on the Kunisaki peninsula. At around the end of the 12th century there were more than 50 temples with 800 temple buildings on this peninsula, where Buddhism flourished at that time. National treasure Fukiji Temple (富貴寺) main hall is one of the three main Amida halls in Japan along with Uji Byodoin Houodo and Hiraizumi Chusonji Konjikido.


2395 Fuki, Bungo-Takada-shi, Oita
8:30~16:30(closed on rainy day)
Admission Fee
Adult and high school student: 200 yen, elementary and middle school student: 100 yen
[Parking] 30 parking spaces are available for free.

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