Suiren-numa Pond

Aomori, Tohoku

Distant mountains and skunk cabbages blooming in a marsh create
The best place for taking pictures

Suiren-numa is a beautiful small pond surrounded by a marsh, with the Hakkoda mountains in the background. The pond’s name stems from Skunk cabbages and a type of water lily that grows naturally in the marsh. Lovely small white flowers will leave a vivid impression on visitors. The marsh is a treasure house of alpine plants and also a habitat for forest green tree frogs, which grow no longer than 8 cm.

Suiren-numa is beside the Gold Line from Towada Lake to Hakkoda and right by Kasamatsu Pass, which is 1040 m above sea level. You can see 1400 m-high Komaga-mine and Norikura-dake to the south and the Hakkoda mountain range, including Io-dake, to the north. You will feel refreshed in the cool and dry air here, where the average temperature is less than 25 °C even in summer. In October, trees that have turned yellow are clearly reflected on the mirror-smooth pond.

A cool breeze, gentle sun, and vivid natural colors are features of Aomori. Suiren-numa attracts many tourists who take souvenir pictures.


Horyo Yachihata, Towada, Aomori
0176-75-2425 (Lake Towada National Park Association)

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