Mt. Nokogiri

Chiba, Kanto

A vast Zen temple that is proud of its 1,300 years of history
Learn the real significance of Japanese Buddhism at a picturesque place

“Mt. Nokogiri” is a mountain with a serrated ridge, like the teeth of a saw. As the mountain was a production area for stones used for construction, many stones were quarried, which caused the mountain to become such a unique shape. The mountain is 329.4 m tall, and people enjoy climbing it with ease throughout the year. In particular, many tourists visit there in fall because the red leaves.

From the observation deck at the top called “Jigoku Nozoki” (peeking inside hell), you have a glorious panoramic view covering Tokyo Bay, the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture, and Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture. This name was given to the observation deck because people look like they are viewing hell as they look down over the world below from a place that juts into the top of a cliff. In addition, a restaurant near the observation deck is also covered with glass so that people can have a meal while viewing the open scenery. It takes only three minutes to go to the top by the ropeway. If you use Nokogiriyama Tozan Motor Road, you can also drive up the mountain.

A Zen sect temple, “Nihonji,” stands on the southern slope of the mountain, and the temple is an Important Cultural Property of Japan. Valuable constructions and Buddha statues stand side by side, including statues of Nio, which are guardian gods of Buddhism, a big cycad tree that is over 800 years old, a giant statue of Buddha to pray for global peace, and 100 stone statues of Kannon Bodhisattva (a merciful disciple).


Motona, Kyonan-machi, Awa-gun, Chiba
0470-55-1103 (Nokogiriyama Nihonji)
Admission Fee
600 (adults); 400 (children)
No holiday

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