Mt. Mihara

Tokyo, Kanto

Thoroughly observe an overwhelming active volcano!
Take commemorative photographs in the landscape that is like in movies

This is a 758 m-high active volcano that occupies the center of Izu Oshima Island, which is a paradise in Tokyo. It is called the world’s three largest liquidity volcanoes together with Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii and Stromboli Volcano in Italy. It is a holy mountain which was called gojinkasama (a mountain that lights the fire of a god) and was revered by residents in old times. It has repeatedly erupted once every 30-40 years, and has changed its shape over time.

The mountain has not erupted since 1986, and people can peer down the volcanic vent that is like an entrance to hell from a hiking trail named “Ohachimeguri (tour of a basin)” that can be gone round for about 45 minutes. In addition, near the mountain is Urasabaku (back desert) which is made from scoria erupted from the volcano. The unrealistic landscape where the black ground spreads as far as the eye can see is a dramatic view of which people want to take a picture. In fact, many movies and dramas have been shot there.

In addition, there are multiple unique hiking trails, for example, one by which people ride horses to stroll in Urasabaku. So enjoy sightseeing at leisure according to your taste and physical condition. Miharayama Hot Spring available for one day visits exists at Oshima Onsen Hotel near the mountain. Let’s relieve the weariness of the journey while viewing grand Mt. Mihara.


Nomashi, Oshima-cho, Tokyo
04992-2-2177 (Izu Oshima Tourism Association)

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