Mikata Five lakes

Fukui, Chubu

A wetland designated by the Ramsar Convention, made of five lakes of different water qualities

“Mikata Five Lakes” is a collective name for the five lakes in Mikata County and Mikata-Kaminaka County, Fukui Prefecture, namely Mikata Lake, Suigetsu Lake, Suga Lake, Kugushi Lake, and Hiruga Lake. The lakes are in the Wakasa Wan Quasi-National Park, and were collectively registered as a designated wetland under the Ramsar Convention in 2005.

The lake is surrounded by about 80,000 plum trees, which bloom modest but beautiful red and white flowers, giving out a sweet and fresh fragrance. The lake is very old, and its shape changed through the glacial age and Jomon Period. Manyo-Shu, the oldest collection of Japanese poetry (compiled from around the late 7th century to late 8th century), contains some poetry mentioning this lake, which shows different beauty in different seasons. It is an historical spot with abundant water and nature.

The five lakes all have different water quality, with seawater, freshwater and brackish water, and the color of the water also differs for each lake. Because the lakes are connected by channels and canals, it is also possible to enjoy peaceful scenery from a kayak or sightseeing boat. You may find yourself in a pleasant mood after watching the large trees growing as if they are covering the water surface, and various kinds of fish.


Wakasa-cho, Mikatakaminaka-gun, Fukui
0770-45-0113 (Wakasa-mikatagoko Tourism Association)

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