Jusan Lake

Aomori, Tohoku

Wild birds fly to this large lake where you can gather shijimi clams in summer

Jusan Lake is the third largest lake in Aomori Prefecture, with a circumference of 31.4 km. The origin of the name (jusan means “Thirteen” in Japanese) is unclear, although there are many hypotheses, such as that there were 13 settlements in the shoal between the lake and the Sea of Japan, that thirteen rivers flow into the lake, or that the name was taken from the Ainu (the language of the Ainu people, who are indigenous to northern Japan and Russia) word tosa (meaning a lake at the end of a river). The lake is also referred to as Jusan-gata Lake locally.

Jusan Lake is one of most famous areas producing shijimi clams in Japan. The species living in the lake is Corbicula japonica, a food shellfish. During summertime, the clams can be gathered in some parts of the region (for a fee of 300 yen or more), and these spots are crowded with tourists. The local fisheries cooperative is making efforts for resource protection, by limiting the daily catch and setting periods for prohibiting fishing.

Many wild birds visit the lake, including the Marsh Grassbird, which is referred to as the “Phantom bird,” Steller’s sea eagle, which is a designated natural monument, and swans. The place is perfect for bird watching, and you can enjoy their vivid appearance and songs. Eating Jusan Lake shijimi clam ramen, the local specialty, while watching the tranquil lake; you can feel the atmosphere of travelers in Tohoku.


Jyusan, Gosyogawara City, Aomori
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