Irozaki Cape

Shizuoka, Chubu

A picturesque scenery of a rough coastline and white lighthouse

Irouzaki is characterized by the rough scenery of a cape sticking out into the Pacific Ocean. The area has a coastline with rows of steep cliffs, which is a view that surprises visitors. The place is at the southernmost end of Izu Peninsula, and you can observe a round horizon here. The top of the cliff provides a wide view, with Minokakeiwa Rock to the east, Mikomoto Island to the southeast, and the Seven Islands of Izu, including Oshima, Niijima, Miyakejima and Mikurajima islands.

The view is uniquely accentuated with Irouzaki Lighthouse. It was constructed by Richard Henry Brunton (a lighthouse engineer dispatched to the Meiji government of Japan by the British government), who is also called the “Father of lighthouses in Japan,” in 1871. Although visitors cannot enter the building, its white, smooth appearance shows a striking contrast to the blue sky and ocean, forming a picturesque scene.

Large tankers going this way around the Izu Peninsula and ferries move slowly offshore, creating a rather tranquil atmosphere. Sightseeing boats operate throughout the year, so you can also get a different view of the area from the ocean. The calm sea breeze and the sound of waves will relax your mind.


74 Irouzaki, Minamiizu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka
0558-62-0141 (Minami-Izu Tourist Association)

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