Cape Hinomisaki

Wakayama, Kansai

From the westernmost point on the Kii Peninsula
Looking down at Kiisuido channel waters with beautiful evening sun

This is at the westernmost point on the Kii Peninsula. It is part of Wakayama Prefectural Enju Coast Nature Park and covers the whole of the cape at a height of 200 m above sea level. A top-down view of Kii-suido channel waters is popular, and the rising sun and evening sun are beautiful there. It has been selected as the “100 best rising suns and evening suns in Wakayama Prefecture.” The area has been developed as “Hinomisaki Park,” and there are such facilities as the Canada Resource Center and Knudsen Hill, in addition to a lighthouse. It’s also comfortable to walk along the path in the park. Kii Hinomisaki Lighthouse at the tip of the cape is a chalky prettily-shaped lighthouse. The light of the lighthouse that is turned on at dusk is said to reach as far north as Awaji Island. You cannot tour the inside.

The Canada Resource Center mainly displays materials on living which Japanese people who emigrated from this area to Canada at the end of the 19th century brought back. Items showing living in a foreign country and nostalgia for Japan are displayed, including passports, photographs, letters to people at their hometown, dishes of the time, trunks, and sewing machines.

At Knudsen Hill, there is a monument rewarding Chef Engineer Knudsen, a Danish who died to rescue a Japanese sailor at an accident at sea in 1957, and his bust. The bust of Knudsen who was 39 years old at that time has a fearless expression. You will have various feelings about his brave deed in the beautiful sea if you see the photographs and articles of the time of the accident. This accident at sea led to exchange with Denmark, and the exchange still continues. Knudsen Hill can thus be said to be a symbol of peace. It is a beautiful hill facing the sea.


Mio, Mihama-cho, Hidaka-gun, Wakayama
0738-62-2326 (Hinomisaki Park)

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