Engetsuto Island

Wakayama, Kansai

Scene of a particular island with a hole in the middle and sunset over the sea

Its official name is “Takashima.” It is a small uninhabited island that measures 130 m from north to south, 35 m from east to west, and 25 m in height which is located in the Rinkai Inlet, Nanki Shirahama. It is a sea cave, and there is a full moon-like hole in the middle of the island. As for the silhouette of the island, it is of a particular shape in which the part above the hole is dished. You cannot forget it once you see it. The island has been designated as the Place of Scenic Beauty of Japan.

It is especially popular to see the sunset over the sea through the hole. Many people gather at the spot facing the evening sun around the time of sunset. The sunset there has been selected as the “100 best rising suns and evening suns in Wakayama Prefecture” and the “100 best evening suns in Japan.”

The sea is very transparent, and there are many fish. In addition, octopuses, squids, sweepers, small abalones, and echinus live in the sea.

As the island is made of conglomerate, sandstone, and siltstone, it is easy to erode. The falling of rocks due to wind and waves has been advancing in recent years. It is Engetsu Island that is a small island of a transient shape that has been accidently made by nature which fall all the time if left as it is.


Shirahama-cho, Wakayama
0739-43-5555 (Tourism Department of Shirahama Town)

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