Yufuin-onsen Hot Spring

Oita, Kyushu

Yufuin Onsen (湯布院温泉) is the Leading Hot Spring Resort of Japan. The hot springs that abound in the town of Yufuin are divided into three distinct areas.

1. Yufuin Hot Springs (由布院温泉): These springs are situated near the base of Mt. Yufu. Their plentiful flow of hot water and quiet mountain surroundings have long attracted writers and artists to the area. Currently, these springs are ranked with the second highest water flow in Japan, and their combination of natural environments with forward-thinking urban development have made Yufuin Hot Springs a top health resort destination, drawing visitors from all over Japan.

2.Yunohira Hot Springs (湯平温泉): It has long been said that these springs are effective in treating gastrointestinal disorders. The nearby stone-paved road, built during the Edo period, suits the atmosphere of the Yunohira Hot Springs, with their history as therapeutic baths.

3. Tsukahara Hot Springs (塚原温泉): It is said that this secluded spring located north of Mt. Yufu has been flowing since the Heian period. Tsukahara Hot Spring is recognized as one of the three major medicinal baths of Japan, and its strong acidic pH of 1.4 is reputed to be especially effective against skin diseases.



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