Jigoku meguri

Oita, Kyushu

The Eight “Hells” (別府地獄) or Eight Jigoku, are clustered around Kannawa, 20 min. by bus from Beppu Station. These exhilarating hot spring sites are natural wonders that shouldn’t be missed. Each igoku is distinctive, with billowing steam, spewing hot clay mud or gushing high temperature hot water, rich with iron oxide. The hellish spectacle fills visitors with admiration for the power of the Earth. “Umi jigoku” (海地獄) is the largest of the boiling “hells”. It is said to be 200 meters-deep, with a temperature of 98 °C. It has a cool cobalt blue color, looks similar to ocean so cold “Umi (Sea)”. “Onishibozu Jigoku” (鬼石坊主地獄) is the way the gray mud forms small and large spheres when it is boiling, they looks similar to shaved heads. “Yama Jigoku” (山地獄) is the hot water and steam are boiling out from all over the mountain. “Kamado Jigoku” (かまど地獄) has a temperature of 90 degrees. It is boiling out high temperature spring water with intense steam. “Oniyama Jigoku” (鬼山地獄) is also known as “Crocodile hell”. They actually have 100 crocodiles. Water boils out of “Shiraike Jigoku” (白池地獄) is clear, however, when it hits the ground, it naturally turns whitish blue color with decrease in temperature and pressure. Boiling clay of “Chinoike Jigoku” (血の池地獄) even has red steams. In Bungo Fudoki (description of natural feature in Bungo area) it was described as “red hot spring”. It is the oldest “hot spring of hell”. “Geyser” of “Tatsumaki Jigoku” (竜巻地獄) is designated as Beppu National Treasure. It periodically boils out steam and hot water. It has one of the shortest resting periods among the geysers in the world.


Kannnawa, Beppu-shi, Oita
8:00 - 17:00
Admission Fee
Combined ticket for 8 Jigoku admission Adult 2,000 yen (Single ticket for Adult is 400 yen. So combined ticket for 8 Jigoku will be economical if you plan to visit more than five “hells”)、High school student 1,300 yen、Middle school student 1,000 yen、Elementary school student 900 yen ※Discount available for groups and disabled people
[Parking] 180 parking spaces are available

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