Dogashima-onsen Hot Spring

Shizuoka, Chubu

Hot-spring resort in a picturesque place on a deeply-indented coast

Dogashima that had been well known as a scenic area of western Izu increased its visibility as a tourist spot with the discovery of a hot spring on the coast in 1962. Here you can see a deeply-indented coastline, strange rocks and Tombolo phenomenon (at low tide, you can walk from main land to Sanshiro-jima island, the symbol of Dogashima.)

Many well-equipped hotels offering big bathing areas and open-air baths with beautiful view of the coast comprise a hot-spring resort as a scenic spot. We also recommend minshuku (tourist home) with a cozy atmosphere in which guests feel as if staying with their relatives. The host will cook supper for guests using fresh foods of Izu to offer informal and friendly hospitality.

There are many hot springs for a day-trip such as Sawada Koen Open-air Bath and Nagisa-no-yu where hot-spring lovers gather to enjoy the view in sea breeze. The variety of facilities enables making sight-seeing plans according to individual needs.


Nishina, Nishiizu-cho, Shizuoka
0558-52-1268 (Nishiizu Town Tourist Association Dogashima Tourist Center)

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