Kiyomizuyaki Pottery Complex

Kyoto, Kansai

Holding a festival at which hundreds and thousands of potteries are displayed
A pottery town where well-established stores and factories stand side by side

This is a pottery town where pottery and porcelain-related industries, including potteries, wholesalers, potters, and clay manufacturers, have gathered since 1962. About 70 shops and companies getting involved in traditional crafts in this area, including Kiyomizuyaki pottery (Kiyomizuyaki: potteries in Kyoto; characterized by exclusive fragile beauty which was produced based on Chinese gorgeous patterns and unique crafting techniques of master craftsmen), concentrate in the town with a total area of 8.25 ha. People can have various experiences, including shopping, visit to scenes of creation, and painting of potteries, while strolling in the complex. Be satisfied with the sophisticated skills of precious craftsmen, including artists establishing international career, well-established factories founded over 100 years ago, and potters who have won the Order of Culture.

“Kiyomizuyaki no Sato Matsuri” (Kiyomizuyaki town festival) is held on the third Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in October every year. There are a wealth of products unique to a production complex, and fine products are available at reasonable prices. While hundreds and thousands of dishes, vases, tea utensils, and miscellaneous interior goods being displayed close together, products other than potteries, such as sake, coffee, and fabric craftworks that are collaborated with potteries, are also sold in some cases. The complex has a good access during the festival as extra buses run from JR Kyoto Station.


Kawatakiyomizuyakidanchi-cho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
075-581-6188 (Office of the Kiyomizuyaki Pottery Complex Cooperative)
From Kyoto Higashi Interchange on the Meishin Expressway:
(Bus) Take a bus at Yamashina Station of JR Kyoto Line or another line (30 minutes from Kyoto Station), ride for 15 minutes, and get off at Kiyomizuyaki-danchi
(Car) 15 minutes from Kyoto Higashi Interchange on the Meishin Expressway (parking available)

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