Tenshukaku-Shizen-koen Park

Miyagi, Tohoku

A healing theme park to relax in several kinds of hot spring and a Japanese garden

Tenshukaku-Shizen-koen is an amusement facility under the theme of healing. Its key feature is hot springs, including two types of free footbath, natural hot spring with a scent of Japanese cypress for a day trip and open-air spars for reservation only. The hot-spring resort called Akiu-onsen has a long history. It was discovered around the 6th century and a bathing palace for successive lords of Sendai was set up during the Edo Period (1603-1868). It is said that Date Masamune (one of the most popular warlords during the Warring States Period (1493-1590) who was called “One-eyed dragon” and remains popular even today) also bathed here. In the past, the hot spring was also called “Natori-no-onyu” because it was used by the Imperial Family.

The expansive land area houses restaurants, cafes and an auto-camping site. A Japanese garden built using the natural landscape has seven ponds filled with brocade carps, which you can feed. You can appreciate the nature by just taking a leisurely walk while listening to the chirping of birds.

Here, you can enjoy sport such as tennis and volleyball. It would be wonderful to take a bath in a hot spring after an exercise and idly look at the garden. Each member of a group or family can spend a good time in their own way. It is worth considering a visit to the park for refreshing during a sightseeing trip in Tohoku.


5 Akiu-machi Yumoto Genbehara, Sendai Taihaku-ku, Miyagi
9:30-17:00 (hot spring for a day trip: 10:00-17:30)*vary depending on the season
Admission Fee
400 yen (junior-high students or older); 100 yen (aged 4 to elementary school students)
Vary depending on the facility

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