Kurume Forest Azalea Park

Fukuoka, Kyushu

Enjoy cherry blossoms, azaleas, colored leaves and forest bath in this nature park

Kurume Forest Azalea Park was created to celebrate the selection of Kurume azalea as “The tree of the prefecture.” Kurume azalea is nationally known as flower of Kurume City.

The nature park is situated near the innermost sanctuary of Kora Taisha, a venerable shrine famous for its pavilions that are largest in Kyushu. On a 60,000 square-meter-wide hill with a panoramic view of the Tsukushi Plain at the entrance of Mino Skyline, 61,000 azalea trees of about 100 kinds including scarlet Kurume azalea and Hirado azalea bear magnificent large flowers from mid-April to early-May.

The park has many attractions other than azaleas. For example, there is a stone monument where a poem by famous writer Natsume Soseki has been inscribed on Hiundai at the southwestern corner of the park commanding the view of the Tsukushi Plain. The haiku poem “Nanohanano harukanikinari chikugogawa” means “Rape blossoms spread its yellow color far along the River Chikugo.” Cherry blossoms in spring are also wonderful and colored leaves in autumn are not to be missed.

Forest bath of phytoncide emanating from the 6-hectare-wide forest will be a perfect gift to the tired body after a long journey!


299-354 Mii-machi, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka
0942-30-9164 (Kurume City Production Logistics Section)
Open throughout the year

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