Koyama Pond Area

Tottori, Chugoku

Close to Hakuto Beach, with a plentiful amount of sweetbriers. A lagoon separated from the sea by deposits from the Sendai River.

The Koyama Pond is located 6 kilometers west of central Tottori City in eastern Tottori, close to Tottori Airport. It was an inlet of the Sea of Japan, but became a closed lagoon when deposits from the Sendai River separated it from the sea. There are seven islets in the pond, and the largest, Aoshima, has a park with a well-equipped promenade and camping ground.

This pond, being 4 kilometers long from east to west and 2.4 kilometers wide from north to south, is almost a lake in size and is a sanctuary for eels, carp and other freshwater fish. They still practice a traditional style of fishing there, called "Ishigama-ryo," where fishers form a trap with large rocks and wait for the fish to enter.

In the neighboring areas is Yoshioka Onsen Hot Spring that dates back some 1,000 years, as well as the Hakuto Beach (White Rabbit Beach), the site for a popular episode in Japanese mythology known as the "Inaba-no-shiro-usagi" (the White Rabbit of Inaba). This beach is also the southern limit for the natural growth of sweetbriers. The dainty crimson flowers that bloom in early summer attract many tourists.


From Tokyo:
[Air] 1h 10 min from Haneda to Tottori Airport, and 19 min from the airport to Tottori Station by bus.
From Osaka:
[Rail] 2h 30 min from Osaka to Tottori Station by Chizu Kyuko Line "Super Hakuto" (limited express), and 20 min from Tottori Station to Yoshioka-onsen by bus.

Around the Koyama Pond Area