Korakuen Area

Tokyo, Kanto

Central Tokyo's largest amusement zone includes a domed stadium and a hot spring spa. Relax in tranquility at the spacious Koishikawa-Korakuen Garden.

Korakuen is a large-scale amusement zone located in the exact center of Tokyo, within easy access from many terminal stations, such as the Shinjuku and Tokyo stations. Korakuen encompasses a relatively small area packed with numerous attractions; Tokyo Dome, the mecca of Japanese professional baseball, known as the "Big Egg" for its oval shape and size; an amusement park; multi-purpose halls; bowling alleys; game facilities; a museum; and a hot spring facility. It is bordered by Koishikawa-Korakuen Garden and the Kodokan Judo Institute, and the sheer diversity of nearby attractions makes the area extremely popular.

Baseball games are held all the year round in the Tokyo Dome, Japan's first indoor stadium, which can accommodate 55,000 spectators. In addition to the games themselves, the unique Japanese way of cheering during a game is also well worth watching. A must-see attraction is the baseball museum attached to the stadium, where visitors can learn about the history of baseball in Japan, as well as the history of the relationship between Japanese and United States baseball.
Events and live music concerts also take place in the dome, and many of the world's top musicians have performed there, including the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, and Madonna.

Tokyo Dome City Attractions amusement park allows visitors to relive their childhoods while enjoying rides such as thrilling roller coasters. Game fans can play at the gigantic arcade, enjoy batting at the Virtual Sports Plaza, or pay a visit to the bowling alleys. Fans of fighting sports can watch pro-wrestling and boxing matches at Korakuen Hall, or drop by the neighboring Kodokan Judo Institute, the center of Judo, the Japanese national sport.
Korakuen also includes LaQua, a hot spring spa with restaurants and other facilities. You will feel like you are visiting a hot spring resort while bathing in the indoor and outdoor bathtubs filled with natural hot spring waters. All amenities, including towels, are furnished, so visitors can enjoy the baths without needing to bring a thing.

Koishikawa-Korakuen Garden, which adjoins Tokyo Dome, is a renowned garden designed to introduce Chinese tastes into the Japanese-style scenery. This spacious garden includes the red Tsuten-kyo Bridge, thatched-roofed houses and plum groves.
Promenades run throughout the area, and the cherry blossom season there is truly amazing. The pastoral landscapes of rice paddy fields, irises and wisteria trellises at the north side of the garden are especially unique. The existence of rice paddy fields is unusual in a garden even in Japan, and many people do not even realize that Korakuen has not only the amusement facilities, but also a lovely garden. Visitors can choose between the excitement of the amusement facilities and the quiet luxury of the garden, or better yet, enjoy them both!


From Narita:
[Rail] 1h from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station by JR Narita Express Line.
From Osaka:
[Air] 1h from Itami or 1h 10 min from Kansai International Airport to Haneda Airport.
[Rail] 2h 30 min from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo Station by JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line (Nozomi). 12 min from Tokyo via Ochanomizu (JR Chuo Line) to Suidobashi Station by Sobu Line.

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