Izumo Area

Shimane, Chugoku

One of the largest shrine gates in Japan, 23-meters high with a 13-meter-long sacred straw festoon which weighs 5 tons. Grand shrine believed to be obtained by the god of fortune.

The Izumo-Taisha Grand Shrine is located in Taisha-machi, Izumo-city in eastern Shimane. According to the myth handed down in the Izumo district, the god of fortune, O-kuninushi-no-mikoto, obtained Izumo in compensation for giving his territory to another god.

The existing shrine sanctuary was built in the 18th century, which is said to be the 25th reconstruction. While the present sanctuary is 24 meters tall, the first construction is said to have been 96 meters tall. The main sanctuary is built in the Taisha style, which is the oldest style of shrine architecture. It has a pillar called Shin'no-mihashira at the center of the interior, surrounded by a total of nine pillars on the ground forming four symmetrical squares, and a gabled roof with an opening in the front.

It also has O-torii, one of the largest shrine gates in Japan, and a huge sacred straw festoon that is 13 meters long, 9 meters in girth, and weighs 5 tons. There is always a ceaseless flow of visitors to appreciate its grand scale.


From Tokyo:
[Air] An hour and 20 minutes from Tokyo Haneda Airport, or 1 hour from Osaka Itami Airport. Take the Ichibata Dentetsu Line for 20 minutes from Izumo Station to Izumo-Taisha-Mae Station.

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