Hita Area

Oita, Kyushu

Hita prospered as Tenryo (direct controlled territory of Edo Shogunate) during the Edo period (1603-1868). It is called "Little Kyoto", and has old buildings standing in a row, even today, near the hot spring resort. In Mameta town, you can enjoy a stroll through the historic streets.

And Hita is a town that has been blessed with plentiful water for a long time, and is called "Suikyo" (riverside district). Each of the hot spring inns located around the bank of Mikuma River gives a variety of unique ideas. Visitors at the hot spring can enjoy dinner on a leisure boat and atch cormorant fishing in summer.

Hita hot spring is known as "spring for birth", and is effective for neuralgia, recovering from fatigue and more. Many ryokans (Japanese-style inns) in Hita rent out yukata (Japanese summer kimonos) and geta (Japanese sandals) to female guests. This service is very popular because you can choose from among various colors and prints.


From Fukuoka:
75 minutes by highway express bus from Fukuoka International Airport.
70 minutes by express train from JR Hakata Station.
40 minutes by express train from JR Kurume Station.
2 hours 10 minutes by express train from JR Kokura Station.
From Beppu:
80 minutes by highway express bus
From Yufuin:
60 minutes by local train From JR Yufuin Station

Around the Hita Area