Northern Mie

Mie, Kansai

The cradle of Japanese motor sports, Suzuka Circuit

In North Mie area, there is the Suzuka Circuit, which has been one of the world famous circuit because the race of Formula 1 World Grand Prix is held as Japanese GP. At Suzuka circuit, you can not only watching car or motorcycle race but also playing a lot at the circuit's amusement park.

Located in the neighboring areas is the 50-meter-high Ao-taki Falls, and Sangaku-ji Temple which celebrates the Sohei-matsuri Festival in fall. "Sohei" means soldier monks engaged in battle. The climax of the festival is the parade of a flaming palanquin carried by monks dressed in the traditional sohei costume.


From Tokyo:
[Rail] 1h 40 min to Nagoya Station by JR Tokaido Shinkansen, and 35 min to Yokkaichi Station by JR Kansai Line. From Yokkaichi Station, 15 min to Suzuka Station by Ise-Testsudo.
From Osaka:
[Rail] 55 min from Shin-Osaka to Nagoya Station by Shinkansen.

Around the Northern Mie