Oku-Kuji Area

Ibaraki, Kanto

Unmistakable seasonal changes are bright, breathtaking and unforgettable. Fukuroda Falls to add splendor.

Oku-Kuji is located in the northernmost part of Ibaraki. It is an area, which is deep in Mt.Yamizo, the highest peak in the prefecture, where the Kuji River flows from north to south. The 124 km of the Kuji River starting from Fukushima to Ibaraki through Daigo Basin, is full of steep-walled valleys and fast-flowing streams. There are camping sites and hiking courses available in the surrounding areas. It is also famous for fishing points and fish weirs where fishes come and swarm in gathered flows and trapped.

Fukuroda Falls, said to be one of the three most famous falls in Japan, is 120 meters high and 73 meters wide, flowing through four different levels on the way down. The fall also is called "Four-Time Falls" as it reflects four seasonal beauties such as fresh spring green, red leaves of autumn or icefall in winter.

There are plenty hot springs in the surrounding areas. The hot springs such as Daigo and Fukuroda are scattered in the area. There is also "Forespa Daigo" where you can indulge yourself in fourteen different kinds of spas such as herbal spa or Jacuzzi with swimsuit on is also a tempting option.


From Tokyo:
[Rail] By Limited Express on JR Joban Line for 1h 5 min from Ueno Station to Mito Station. By JR Suigun Line for 1h 20 min from Mito Station to Fukuroda Station, or 1h 25 min from Mito Station to Hitachi-Daigo Station.

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