Maebashi Area

Gumma, Kanto

Various parks and gardens, and pork dishes satisfy visitors. Through the city flows the magnificent Tone-gawa River, while the Fudo-Otaki Falls roar in the suburbs.

Maebashi City is the seat of the Gunma prefectural government, only an hour away from Tokyo by train. Through the city runs the Tone-gawa River, the largest river in Japan. There are many parks such as Shikishima-koen Park known for its rose garden and Gunma Flower Park wide range of flowers throughout the year. A spectacular spot in spring is "Akagi Nanmen Senbon-Zakura" (a thousand cherry blossom trees on the southern slope of Mt. Akagi-yama), a two-kilometer stretch with beautiful cherry blossom trees.

The joy of dining is found in their pork dishes. Gunma Prefecuture boasts one of the highest productions of pork meat in Japan and many shops in Maebashi serve pork dishes such as pork cutlets, rice bowls topped with cutlets and sause.

The 32-meter high Fudo-Otaki Falls offer gorgeous natural beauty throughout the year, for example, in the seasons of fresh green and red leaves, as well as during the severe winter that freezes the water. Akagi Onsen Area where accommondations dot the southern foot of Mt. Akagi-yama is surrounded by a nostalgic atmosphere.


From Tokyo:
[Rail] 50 min from Tokyo to Takasaki Station by Joetsu/Hokuriku Shinkansen, and 15 min from Takasaki to Maebashi Station by Ryomo Line.
Or, 1h 45 min from Ueno to Maebashi Station by JR Line "Urban" (rapid service).

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