Mino Area

Gifu, Chubu

Historic town with deep roots and a thriving Japanese paper industry.

Mino City is located in southwestern Gifu Prefecture. It has been known for centuries as a production center for traditional Japanese paper. In fact, Mino Japanese paper is regarded as some of the best for its high-quality.

The history of Mino Japanese paper goes back as far as the 8th century. A major portion of the types of Japanese paper donated to the Shosoin Repository in Nara are Mino Japanese paper. The paper industry thrived in Mino due to the availability of large quantities of paper mulberry and the abundant and clear waters of the Nagara and Itadori Rivers. The tradition of paper-making is alive and well in the city today. Paper artisans make each piece by hand using traditional techniques that give the paper its subtle texture- quite different to that of Western paper. The Mino Washi Museum is a popular spot where visitors can experience paper-making. Using authentic tools and natural materials, you can try making your own original Mino Japanese paper. For two days every October, the city hosts the Mino Washi Akari ART Exhibition, where participants display their creations in the Udatsu no Agaru Historic District.

The Udatsu no Agaru Historic District is so designated for its beautiful historic buildings. “Udatsu” is a constriction term and refers to the wall placed at both edges of the first-floor roof of a two-story house to prevent fire from spreading to neighboring houses. As they city became more and more prosperous, many people, including paper wholesalers, placed these eye-catching “udatsu” structures on their houses in order to boast their affluence. In the town of Mino, you can still see a number of these merchant houses with their detailed lattice work, which were built in the Edo Period.


From Tokyo:
[Rail] 1h 10 min from Tokyo to Nagoya Station by JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line "Nozomi," and 42 min from Nagoya to Mino-Ohta Station by JR Line "Hida" (limited express). 36 min from Mino-Ohta to Mino-shi Station by Nagaragawa Railway.
From Nagoya:
[Rail] 42 min to Mino-Ohta Station by JR Line "Hida" (limited express). 36 min from Mino-Ohta to Mino-shi Station by Nagaragawa Railway.

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