Fukui Area

Fukui, Chubu

A town in the Hokuriku region that imparts a historical atmosphere. Lovely cherry blossoms and cosmos, and a dynamic coastline, are all characteristics of this traditional city.

Fukui City is the seat of the Fukui prefectural government where you can feel its 1,000 year-old history and encounter its rich cuisine. It is close to a beautiful coast and known for its tranquil atmosphere. In flower seasons, there are many spots to visit. Cosmos Koen Garden is known for the blossom of nearly 100 million cosmos, and in spring, the line of cherry blossom trees along the Asuwa-gawa River attracts many visitors.

Streetcars run through the urban area, which is home to many gardens and parks that demonstrate the long history of the city including the Fukui Castle Ruins, Kita-no-sho Castle Ruins Park, and Uchibori-koen Park. However, among them all, the Yokokan-teien Garden is one of most prominent gardens in the city. Originally built as the second house of the Matsudaira Family (the load of the Echizen domain), the buildings of 'shoin-zukuri,' an elegant traditional architecture of Japan, surround a vast pond. The garden represents all the strolling gardens built in the mid-Edo Period. There you walk around the garden while seeing different views, just like reading a story that is completed at the end of your tour. The buildings destroyed during WWII have already been restored to their original state to let you enjoy the atmosphere of those early days.

The Asuwa-gawa River runs through the middle of the town. Some 600 cherry blossom trees bloom for a distance of about two kilometers along the levee in spring, making a magnificent pink tunnel of flowers to pass under. From summer to fall, about 100 million cosmos bloom in the Cosmos Koen Garden, including some rare species from other countries. You may want to drive to the suburbs along the Echizen Coast, where you will see rocks of unique shapes and a romantic sunset descending into the Sea of Japan.

Nothing beats Echizen crab for winter dining. The 'kani-miso' (miso-like paste found inside a crab) and eggs stuffed in their shells are coveted by gastronomes. In addition, Echizen soba noodles with grated radish, local sake, and rice known under the brand name of "Koshihikari," are also the city's specialties, while soft azuki-bean jelly is extremely popular for its fresh, smooth texture.


From Tokyo:
[Air] 1h 5 min from Haneda to Komatsu Airport, and 1h 5 min from the airport to Fukui Bus Terminal by bus.
[Rail] 3h 30 min from Tokyo to Maibara Station by JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line, and to Fukui Station by JR Line "Shirasagi" (limited express).
From Osaka:
[Rail] 1h 50 min from Osaka to Fukui Station by JR Line "Thunderbird" (limited express).

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