Urayasu Area

Chiba, Kanto

The location of the world famous Tokyo Disney Resort. Try cruising the skies of Tokyo.

The Maihama district of Urayasu City, located in the northwestern part of Chiba, is the home of the Tokyo Disney Resort consisting of Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea, as well as hotels and a large shopping mall, IKSPIARI. The site attracts not only guests from Japan, but from all parts of the world, from children to grown-ups.

There is Urayasu Heliport, where you can cruise the skies of Tokyo. You can enjoy the city colored in red at sunset, as well as the illuminated city during a night-flight, to your heart's content.


From Tokyo:
To Urayasu:
18 min from Tokyo to Shin-Urayasu Station by JR Keiyo Line (rapid service).
To Disney Resort:
13 min from Tokyo to Maihama Station by JR Keiyo Line (rapid service).

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