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Spa Resort Hawaiians


Discover the pleasures of Japanese bathing culture in one of the world's largest open-air hot spring baths

Spa Resort Hawaiians is a large scale leisure resort consisting of hot spring theme parks, hotels, and golf courses. Iwaki City was originally a coal mining town, but the decline of the coal mining industry in the late 1950s forced it to search for a new path. Realizing that Japanese people at the time were incredibly attracted to Hawaii as a popular foreign tourist spot, they made use of their abundant supply of hot spring water coming from deep in the earth and opened this leisure resort in 1966.

The theme park consists of five areas with different focuses. Based on the theme of "sento" (public bathhouse), which is the core of Japanese bathing culture, the "Edo Jowa Yoichi" theme park is an open-air bath where bathers bathe in the nude. Bathing areas are separated by gender. This bath is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the open-air bath with the largest area in the world. While relaxing in a bath filled to the brim with famous spring water from the Iwaki Yumoto hot spring area, enjoy the seasonally changing ambiance steeped in a Japanese feel.
"Water Park"* is the most popular area within the resort grounds. Inside a dome kept at 28 degrees Celsius year round, you will find a lush population of palm trees and a never ending summertime feel. The park features facilities for active summer fun, like a water slide totaling fifty meters in length and all the fun of a real pool with swim suits.
There are even more fun attractions as well. "Spring Park" is an indoor spa with a southern European feel, stretching upwards in an open space from the third to fifth floors. The outdoor art spa "PAREO" offers the fusion of a vivid color design and a spacious natural beauty. "ViR PORT" features aqua exercises and esthetic salon services for health and beauty.

In 2006, the tale of Spa Resort Hawaiians' beginnings was made into a movie called "Hula Girl," which became a big hit. The hula dance show featured in the movie, which awed audiences with its display of traditional dance moves, is still being performed to the absolute pleasure of guests every night.


Address: 50, Warabidaira, Joban Fujiwara-machi, Iwaki-shi, Fukushima
Phone: 0246-43-3191
Admission Fee: 3,000 yen

From Tokyo:[Rail]5 min by JR Keihin Tohoku Line from Tokyo Station to Ueno Station, about 2 hours by JR Joban Line limited express “Hitachi" from Ueno Station to Yumoto Station, about 15 min by free Shuttle bus from Yumoto Station

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