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See, experience and taste “Edo,” the period in which the spirit of Japanese was developed

Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura is a theme park where the culture and life of the Edo period is reproduced.
Going into the village through the gate representing a checkpoint, visitors would feel as if they had a time travel and arrived in the Edo period. Rows of houses in an inn town, downtown, samurai residential area and a ninja village are reproduced in the village with an area of about 500 thousand square meters.

In the village, many places of interest such as a watch tower to watch for fires in Edo town where many fires occurred and the Nihonbashi Bridge overlooking Yakatabune (houseboat) cruises by are scattered around. There are also six theaters, and visitors can enjoy plays featuring ninja, oiran (courtesans) and so on. The one in which Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura character “Nyan-mage” plays outstandingly is a must-see for the fans of Nyan-mage.
There is more than just seeing, and there is a variety of interactive amusements including the following: “Experience Edo: Work Experience!” offers children an experience of running around the Edo town as either Shinsen-gumi (samurai warriors acted as a special police force), ninja or police officers after getting training for the job of each role; “Konya Dyer's Shop” offers an experience of indigo dyeing which is a craft flourished in the Edo period; “Ninja Star Knives” where visitors can practice throwing ninja stars and “Edo-Style Kimono & Costumes” where visitors can become an Edo-jin (citizen of Edo) wearing a costume of ninja, samurai, princess, geisha, oiran or others. The sensitivity of Japanese grew and flowered in the Edo period. Please feel the spirit of Japanese through experiences.

In the village, the restaurants and refreshment places are also in Edo-style. Visitors can enjoy not only food but also the atmosphere of these places such as Tori-soba-ya where waitresses/waiters in kimono serve noodles, a beef-and-rice shop where visitors can have a bowl of rice topped with beef simmered in a special sauce and a tea room where girls from Edo town can be found.

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Address: 470-2, Karakura, Nikko-shi, Tochigi
Phone: 0288-77-7777
Hours open to visitors: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (December 1 - March 19: 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)
Admission Fee: 4,500 yen (adult), 2,300 yen (Children of elementary school :7-12 years old), Children under elementary school age are free.
Closed: Wednesday

From Tokyo:[Rail]About 15-min by JR Chuo Line from Tokyo Station to Shinjuku Station, about 2 hours by direct train from Shinjuku Station to Kinugawa-onsen Station, 15-min by Tobu Dial Bus from Kinugawa-onsen Station
From Asakusa:[Rail]From Asakusa Station take the Tobu Kinugawa Line to Kinugawa-onsen Station, then a local bus

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