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Takachiho Shrine


A wonder-working spot for prayer on holy ground that has been a stage for myths

According to myths, Takachiho is the place where Amaterasu-omikami, the queen of gods, descended. Takachiho jinja is a shrine built more than 1200 years ago on the sacred ground. There used to be 554 shrines in this area. The 88 highest ranking shrines among them were the Takachiho 88 Shrines, and Takachiho Shrine is their soja (shrine where all relevant gods are enshrined).

There are many wonder-working spots on its grounds. Two giant trees with their trunks fused together are called "Couple cedar" because they look like husband and wife. It is said that if you walk around the trees three times, hand in hand with your friend, family member or lover, you are blessed with prosperity of descendants and safety in your family.

A festival called "Yokagura" is popular in the area. Kagura is music and dance dedicated to Shinto gods. Each village invites their guardian god to a house called kagura-yado or a community center and dedicates music and dance all night long. A shortened version of Takachiho Kagura is performed for tourists every night throughout the year at the Takachiho Shrine. Four representative dances are performed for one hour from 20:00 every night. Audience members pay 500 yen each. No reservation is necessary and the audience is expected to directly visit the place from 19:00.


Address: 1037 Oaza Mitai, Takachiho-cho, Miyazaki
Phone: 0982-73-1213 (Takachiho-Town Kanko-Kyokai)
Admission Fee: Free entrance to the grounds
Directions: One hour and 16 minutes by Miyako bus bound for Takachiho from Nobeoka Station on Nippo Honsen (on Miyazaki side) (4 hours and 20 minutes from Hakata) to the terminal and 10 minutes by foot. (Car) One hour and 10 minutes from Mifune Interchange on the Kyushu Expressway (parking available).

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